CD Review:Joe Louis Walker’s Blues Conspiracy: Live on The Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise

Dear readers, fellow cruisers and friends, every now and then stuff hits ya like a brick, and that’s what the October 2010 LRBC did. It was just so fantastic that I am barely recovered, and it’s Friday ! So what do I see in my mailbox when I get home ? The latest release from Joe […]

Songwriter’s Workshop: October 23, Day 7

One of the many great things that occur on the cruises are the Forums or Workshops. They vary from Photographer Workshops where every level of picture taker can learn and be inspired by the three great ‘shooters’ on the boat: Joe Rosen, Marilyn Stringer, and Jan Schneider. ‘shooter’ Leslie K. Joseph takes advantage of […]

LRBC –Another Great Day to Be At Sea

Virgins report to the Pool Deck to get leid – repeat offenders to the lounge for the returnee party. Virgins get treated to performances by ‘virgin’ acts, this year it was Lightin’ Malcolm and Cedric Burnside aka Two Man Wrecking Crew, and Grady Champion. Which isnt too shabby, oh yeh, along with champagne, mimosas’ or […]

CD Reviews – Albert Castiglia, JW-Jones

Over the last few years we have been blessed with a talented outcropping of fine young blues players from all over the world. The list of names is as long as their combined tour schedules, but Albert Castiglia (Ka-STEEL-Ya), and JW-Jones will be featured on these pages today.  Both of these young men appear to […]