A Conversation With Ronnie Baker Brooks

This originally appeared in ‘BackYard Blues’ the newsletter of the Long Island Blues Society, written by Suzanne Foschino.  You can find them here www.liblues.org., and Blues411 feels it is worth sharing with it’s readers. ———————————- SF:  What’s next for you, Ronnie?  are we going to see a new recording from you anytime soon? RBB: Well, […]

Reclamation – The Smell Of Success Conversation

B411: Whats going on brother Vincent? VH: We’re getting hit pretty hard with the Lake Effect snow, and the car is having issues. Gotta love the weather up here. B411: Yeh this winter has been one of discontent for sure. Well all but for one small issue, you ‘The Vincent Hayes Project’ Reclamation release has […]

PHOTO CONTEST – Love The One You’re With !

  THE WINNER HAS BEEN DECLARED – SIDNEY EARL LONG his photo ‘Ball & Chain’ won a tough battle but bested several fine entries. OK peeps, the new photo contest is ready to be rolled out. In honor of Valentines Day, and just because we can, our new category is ‘Love The One You’re With’ […]

Block & Cashdollar, A Solid Investment

So it actually got up to the mid-twenties temperature wise here in the frozen tundra of Rochester, NY. Which was a nice break, we could almost see the sun (if we knew what it looked like) and in spite of the dire warnings from local meteorologists I could not pass on the opportunity to see […]