CD Reviews: What Do You Want The Girls To Do ?

After my weekend at Kennys Castaways in NYC, I decided I needed to give some props to the ladies out there who are hitting it hard in the Blues world these days. Each is different from the other, all are killahs and there are tons more of them out there. So here’s some CD’s you […]

John Mayall – ‘Tough’ and Other Thoughts

2009 marked a new year with a new band, a new album and a new lease on John Mayall’s musical life! Disbanding the former Bluesbreakers was not a decision made lightly and, like so many of John Mayall’s former band members they will continue to be successful and grow. Mr. Mayall’s current touring band, notably […]

CD Reviews: Fly By Music, Or Is It Music To Fly By ?

Well with 2 hours of delay added my flight from Rochester to Chicago, and headed to San Francisco, I had ample time to listen to a few newer releases from some artists that I had not been familiar with. This was pretty cool, it offered me a chance to hear (and re-affirm) just how many […]