Interview: In Approbation of Ben Prestage

You come from a musical family – both sides of the coin. Can you share some info about that background? What would young Ben listen to as a child, and then when you started to develop your ‘own’ sensibilities where did they take you? BP: My great grand mother she was a touring Vaudeville musician, […]

Blues411 Office Music: May 24, 2011

Hey y’all, it’s been busy as a hornets’ nest in mid summer around here. All the great music releases by artists just confirms how much talent there is out there in the Blues world. So what I am endeavoring to do is to implement a bi-weekly update (or as needed, after all this is Blues411 […]

CD Reviews: New Friends = New Music

A few weeks back we looked at Old Friends, so with this  installment we look at some new friends and the great music they have added to my life. Give it a read, and do check them out on the web, in concert, or wherever you can, and see what ya think. Alexis P. Suter Band: Two […]

Amuse Bouche – 32nd Blues Music Awards

Those of you who are familair with my writings migjht remember a little over a year ago when I first put fingers to keyboard to capture my experiences at the Blues Music Awards. Well I’m at it again. With these little snippets or ‘amuse bouches’ (happy mouths in French Culinary terms) I will give you […]