Fast Approaching the 17th LRBC October Cruise, Let’s Go Bluesin’

When I first heard of the Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise I was listening to XM 74 Bluesville (yeh before the merger). I found the XM site more knowledgeable and played a more well-rounded soundscape of the blues. So one day I hear Bill Wax talking to¬†Roger Nabor about this cruise that you can take […]

CD Reviews: Friends With Benefits

No not those kind of benefits, more along the lines of artists who are or have become friends over the years and have allowed¬†me to listen to their new releases. So here I have compiled a short list of some of these talented folk and hi-lighted their releases so that you might grab a hold […]

Interview: Walter Trout on Perception, Reality and Inspiration.

…I am not an old black guy from Mississippi and I never will be. So I have to play what’s in my heart and be honest with myself and if I can look in the mirror and say that was me without a facade or a front then that’s authentic.

CD Reviews: Music The Healer

Here is what has been playing in the workout room, on the iPod while biking and keeping me company in the air during my return to Rochester.