The 411 in 15: Laurie Morvan Skinny Chick with Big Game !

B411: Was it/is it difficult for a lady who plays guitar to be taken seriously or to get work? LM: At this point it is hard for everyone, it’s not just hard for woman. I don’t want it to sound like its women complaining – it isn’t – the music is so hard. Now woman […]

Office Music: Holidays With The Ladies

With Thanksgiving and other holidays here I thought we’d go back to the Office at Blues411 Worldwide headquarters, and give a listen to what’s we are spinning on the system. These have been all about the ladies of late, since they are toiling away putting out music for us all to enjoy I thought we need […]

Wonderful Photos of October Cruise from Jan Schneider

Hey y’all – it is not often that we get a treat of this kind here at Blues411. Jan Schneider, photographer from The Legendary Rhythm and Blues Cruise has given me a DVD of photos to share with everyone so this is the best way I can think of doing it. By putting it here […]

The 411 in 15: Jimmy Thackery on JP Soars & Hydraulic Horns

Blues411 caught up with Mr. Jimmy Thackery and discussed with him why he added horns and selected JP Soars to be part of his tour for the Legendary Rhythm and Blues Cruise. 411: Jimmy thanks for the time, you can play with anyone you want. Actually people are lining up toplay with you ! How did […]