Office Music: What’s Playing In the Blues411 Workspace These Days

No, it’s not all work and no play here in the world headquarters of Blues411, we try to keep a blusifying attitude and to help with that modus operandi we put the iPod on random and it cranks out the tunes that keep us movin’ & bluesin’ while we work for y’all. These releases have […]

Photo Gallery/Performance Review: Joe Louis Walker with Steve Grills

With St. Patrick’s Day barely erased from my mind, it was time to switch gears and catch some outstanding Blues in Rochester, NY. Yeh, Rochester the one time home to Son House, current home of Joe Beard, and the Xerox Rochester International Jazz Fest, hopefully one day will embrace the Blues heritage it possesses. Opening […]

Marshall Fridge – I Want One, Don’t You?

Marshall signature products have long been at the forefront of the amplification segment, providing musicians with the amps needed to get their strums heard by a group of 10 people, to a crowd of thousands. If that wasn’t enough, the brand is expanding their product offerings to include a dorm-fitting mini fridge that does a beautiful […]

Photo Gallery/Performance Review: Debbie Davies Holding Court at the Dinosaur BBQ

 It is always good to catch up with artists that we have met on the LRBC – they seem to become instant friends and are always glad to see us in the audience. Such was the case when Ms. Debbie Davies came to Rochester, NY for a repeat offender visit to the Dinosaur BBQ the […]