Photo Gallery/Performance Review: Anthony Gomes ‘Up 2 Zero’ Release Party


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What a great night for some rockin’ Blues here in Rochester NY. Anthony Gomes and band storms thru western NY promoting his new CD “Up 2 Zero’ and slays everyone in attendance.

A really good crowd came out, a tribute to Anthony’s’ drawing power, for a Wednesday night. Featuring Roger Femali on drums – who is a master beat keeper, and new addition Scot Sutherland – master of the funky bass. Personable, extremely talented and incendiary on the frets, AG won over the crowd with his sound check – it was that good.

His return to the Blues is welcomed by us and from his reactions him too. His stint in Nashville has produced some finely polished song writing skills and his voice was the surprise of the night. Raspy yet crisp with a solid ability to throttle up or down AG’s pipes were causing swoons with the ladies whle his guitar not so gently weeped and won over the guys – that is a win-win !

Was great to see old pal Scot Sutherland in a new band. Scot had been with a west coast band for what seems like forever – and seeing him a new element really reminds us of how good he really is.  Adding funk, jazz, and soul bottom to the already tight team of Anthony & Roger his presence and abilities are welcomed.

So if y’all get a chance to see these cats – make it your business to do so. From shufflin’ old-style, to strong Hendrix influences, to deep down in the alley Blues, Anthony Gomes and Band can fill the bill and make an enjoyable night out for all.


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photos: Leslie K. Joseph,  Blues411


  1. I always enjoy reading your Blues 411. It’s especially important keeping me up on new events. Thanks for the update on Scot Southerland w Anthony. I can’t wait for them to get to the West Coast. Thanks for filling the void Chefjimi. 🙂
    Best Wishes!! Gail B

  2. Another great “serving” from Blues411–Saw Scott awhile go @ the Syracuse Dino when he was with Tommy Castro–had that “funk” going on–going to try to make tonight with some of my “peeps” to catch Anthony @ the Dinosaur BBQ here in the CUSE–great picks by Leslie again—later

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