A Baker’s Dozen of Blues: May 19, 2014

A week of catchup and sleep (yeh again) We managed to go through our photos from the BMA’s and have them posted here on site. We included snaps from the event, plus Clarksdale & Jackson, hope ya enjoy them. A great new #1 this week – Hard Garden, and their song ‘Showtime!’ – this band […]

A Baker’s Dozen of Blues: May 12, 2014

Back from an exciting and busy week of Blues Music and schmoozing in Memphis at the Blues Music Awards. I personally want to thank the Blues Foundation for throwing such a wild party, and for doing what it does for the genre and artists. Please check them out at www.blues.org for information on joining and how […]

A Baker’s Dozen of Blues: May 5, 2014

The Blues Music Awards are almost here.  Starting Wednesday (and before) the Blues Framily will gather in Memphis, Tennessee to celebrate the best and brightest in our community. Once a year this event brings us all together to share, catch-up and meet each other in an open atmosphere. Nothing else quite like it for me. Be […]

A Baker’s Dozen of Blues: April 28, 2014

Weddings are always a great time. And so it was just that this weekend in beautiful Point Pleasant, NJ (tho’ it was a tad chilly for our Southern Blood). My nephew Phillip married Nora, and threw one helluva party. Much dancing, drinking, and a surprise Friday night jam at the home of  Tommie Gannon, a […]