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A Baker’s Dozen of Blues, April 14, 2014

A Baker's Dozen Of Blues

A Baker’s Dozen Of Blues

A great weekend of blues, R&B, food and friends at the Tampa Bay Blues Festival.  A big thank you to Chuck Ross and the mighty mighty crew who helped make this one helluva weekend.  The VIP section was amazing, the food and beverages were plentiful and the music was all outstanding. Those who missed it, missed one epic festival, so plan on being there next year.

We got ourselves one dynamic lady at the #1 spot, Ms. Shaun Murphy with her ‘Cry Of Love’ release. If ya haven’t given her music a serious listen, then where have ya been. Get it, own it and enjoy it!

Making their air play debuts are James Armstrong and Sunday Wilde, two extremely talented artists who deserve full attention. Our Chef Suggestions list we have a talented threesome of Norman Taylor, Polly O’Keary, and Joe Louis Walker. Look for rapid movement from these artists as the weeks go on. Tomorrow is April 15th…..we all know that’s the day we get held upside down and shaken till we have no change left in our pockets. Tax Day. So to help ease the pain we will feature songs about money and taxes in our Amuse Bouche portion, hope it helps. We dug deep here just to get a nice rounded sampling of tunes, ya might be surprised at some of them, at least we hope so.


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Broadcast times are as follows:
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Friday -  4pm EST
Saturday – 2pm EST


A Baker’s Dozen:

CW LW CD TITLE Artist/ Web Site Record Label Track#/Title
1 2 “Cry Of Love” Shaun Murphy Vision Wall 8 Nickel and A Nail
2 3 “You Better Mind” Mudcat 30 Miles UP 2 Calamity Jane
3 5 “New Attitude” Root Doctor Self 9 Someone Else Is Steppin’ In
4 6 “It Feels Good” Randy Oxford Band Figgleblall Records 9 How Come You’re Never Here
5 7 “Panther Burn” Jim Suhler & Monkey Beat Underworld Records 8 Sky’s Full of Crows
6 9 “Wicked” 24th Street Wailers Self 10 Aw Baby
7 8 “Far As I Can See” Matt Schofield Provogue 9 Yellow Moon
8 10 “Sounds of Home” Damon Fowler Blind Pig 9 TV Mama
9 11 “Baptized By The Mud” Kat Danser Independent 10 Prove It On Me Blues
10 12 “Blue Yonder” Hard Garden Hard Garden Music 2 Depot Blues
11 13 “Belle of The Blues” Lisa Biales Big Song Music 8 Peach Pickin’ Mama
12 ~ “Guitar Angels” James Armstrong Catfood Records 8 Saturday Night Women
13 ~ “He Digs Me” Sunday Wilde Self 9 Gimme One More

Chef Suggestions:

“Brotherhood” The Holmes Brothers Alligator 1 Stayed At The Party
“Blues With Friends” Dixie Peach Big Shew Records 1 Too Much Trouble
“30th Anniversary Special Edition” Blue Lunch Special Rip Cat Records 10 Sixty Minute Man
“Chunkabilly Blues” Chris Lord & Cheatin’ River Self 5 Jelly Bean
“Drivin Me Wild” Jonn Del Toro Richardson & Sean Carney Self 3 Lookin’ For My Baby
“Goin’ To The Delta” Kim Simmonds & Savoy Brown Ruf Records 2 Nothing Like The Blues
“Five Finger Discount” Soulstack Self 7 Hangin’ in The Kitchen
“Bad Attitude” Johnny Drummer Earwig Records 3 Bit Her In The Butt
Move On Lisa Mann Self 4 The Blues Is My Medicine
“Troubles” John & Sylvia Embry Delmark Records 2 Troubles
“Betsy’s Kitchen” Back Pack Jones Self 6 Even God Sings The Blues
“Blue Soul” Norman Taylor Soul Stew Records 9 Grace Walking
“Compass” Polly O’Keary & The Rhythm Method Self 10 You Get Me High
Hornet’s Nest Joe Louis Walker Alligator Records 4 Stick A Fork In Me

Amuse Bouche: Money & Taxes

Greatest Hits Stevie Ray Vaughn 1 Taxman
Up From The Tracks Blinddog Smokin’ 1 Money
Clear Blue Flame Delta Moon 3 Money Changes Everything
Tempered Steel Spencer Bohren 2 Money Blues
Television Dr. John 9 Money (That’s What I Want)
Strong Suspicion Curtis Salgado 8 Money Must Think I’m Dead
Hard Dollar Hadden Sayers 13 Money Shot
Bad Blood In The City James Blood Ulmer 6 Dead Presidents
Jonesin’ For Money Deacon Jones w/Eddie Money 1 If The Blues was Money
Gonna Boogie Anyway Chris James & Patrick Rynn 1 Money Don’t Like Me
The Best of Ray Charles Ray Charles 6 Greenbacks
Blues With A Mood Big Bill Morgenfield 3 Money’s getting’ Cheaper
Greatest Hits Lovin’ Spoonfull 24 Money
Money Barrett Strong 4 Money
Impeach The Precedent Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings 8 What If We All Stopped Paying Taxes

Love, Peace & Chicken Grease
©Blues411.com 2014
Where Blues Thrives
Photos: Leslie K. Joseph, Blues411

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Photo Gallery: Late Wednesday to Afternoon Thursday

Getting ready on awards day did not involve sitting around plucking and preening! No way – we hit the halls for some hellos, then hit breakfast and then off to Court Square for an acoustic set by Jeff Jensen & Brandon Santini.

B.B. King’s was showcasing Yellow Dog Recording Artists Colin Linden (who is amazingly talented in so many ways), Mary Flower (guitar player extraordinaire and thank you for comments) and the Eden Brent BMA Award winning piano player/singer/songwriter.

Back to the hotel to buy drink tickets (ahem)  and some more visiting, then dress up time and on to awards. Photos to come from that!



Until next time,
Love, Peace & Chicken Grease
©Blues411.com 2012
photos: Leslie K. Joseph, Blues411

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Good Times:2012 BMA’s Night One

Holy crap, if this first night is any indicator of hat to expect for the rest of the week – LOOKOUT ! ! ! !

Very nice to see old friends, and meet new ones and to see and hear them playing the music they love. At the Rum Boogie they threw down hard, featuring blistering sets by Dave Keller, Vincent Hayes, Johnny Childs, then a spanking full set by Davina & The Vagabonds fresh from Jazz Fest – and that was the pre-courser to The Nick Moss Jam.

While the Rum Boogie was jammin’ and slammin’ The Hard Rock featured some of Nashville’s finest players, featuring Anson Funderberg, Andy T, “Nick” Nixon, Markey, Whitey Johnson plus IBC  contestant and Gibson Guitar Awards winner Bart Walker, and some fine guest spots by Janiva Magness, and Joe Louis Walker. Having seen these cats at the IBC’s I am still impressed by the level of talent they possess and how they bring it on hard each time.

Nick and the band killed it till we couldn’t take it anymore. Folks, this band is so tight you could bounce a quarter off the sheet of sound they create and it would hit the ceiling!  Then the in earnest jam  began. Scintillating vocals by Mary Bridget Davies with Vincent Hayes & Kevin Selfe on guitars exploded as Jimi Bott performed drum aerobics, while Kennan Shaw held the bottom in place. Other fine musicians came and went each providing their special sauce to the Memphis stew that was cookin’ up hot last night.  An outstanding short set by masterful vocalist Curtis Salgado melted everyone’s faces and signaled time for this boy to get on the road back to the hotel.

Look for Photo Gallery shortly !

Until next time,
Love, Peace & Chicken Grease
©Blues411.com 2012
photos: Blues411


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