2015Blues411 Jimi Awards

Slide2 (1)It’s that time of year again, when we at Blues411 honor many of the artists that have made our year bright and full of great music. Yep, its time for the Annual Blues411 Jimi Awards!


What started as a small open space on the  web for promoting and supporting blues artists, has turned into a force for good that keeps blues artists and their music in the spotlight around the world, and situated under a very big tent.


While we cannot give an award to, or nominate everyone, we try our best to spread the love around in keeping with our mission statement. We believe that we are where Blues Thrives.The winners in each category are in bold blue type.



We have created Award JPEG’s for all nominees & winners at our SmugMug site (click here). They are perfectly sized to use for Facebook cover photos. Feel free to download and share with pride!



So to start us off in our usual traditional manner, we would like to offer a toast to everyone we have meet this year, artists, fans, new friends and those of you who have stood by our side and supported us over the five years. Let us raise a Pimm’s Cup together.

Slide1 (1)The Special Drink of 2015:
Pimm’s Cup
Created in 1840 in England, Pimm’s still claims to be “made to James Pimm’s original recipe, a closely guarded secret known only to six people.”
Since my liver blew up just before the LRBC in October, I was limited to three drinks on the cruise. I was treated to this one at the Napoleon House in New Orleans by Gina Comeaux, and it was worth risking liver failure for, cos as we all know “the liver is bad and needs to be punished”.
Fill a tall, 12 oz glass with ice and add 1 ¼ oz. of Pimm’s #1
Add 3 oz. of Lemonade
Top off with Sprite or 7-Up

Garnish with cucumber


Slide1 (1)Live blues is the best! There were tons of live recordings to choose from this year. I think that all of these recordings capture the essence of what the blues is, and how it is best experienced LIVE. Our winner’s release captures not only his ability to perform but to entertain as well, a very important aspect of any show.
Best Live Recording:
Mitch Woods – Jammin’ on the High C’s
Nick Moss Band – Live & Luscious
Charlie Musselwhite – I Ain’t Lyin’
Joe Bonamassa – Muddy Wolf At Red Rocks
Jimmi & The Band Of Souls – LIVE from the Park Theater

Slide1 (1)Acoustic blues
has always had a special spot in my heart and soul. It was the sound of pure music and the connection between artist and instrument that first called me to the blues. So thank you to the artists who carry on this tradition. Our winner is a combination of some of the very best pickers out there and they capture a sound that is at the heart of the acoustic blues scene.
Acoustic Blues Release:
Andra Faye & Scott Ballentine – Coulda Shoulda Woulda
Brad Vickers & His Vestopolitans – That’s What They Say
Guy Davis – Kokomo Kidd
The Ragpicker String Band (Mary Flower, Rich DelGrosso Martin Grosswendt) – self titled
Andy Cohen – Road Be Kind

Slide1 (1)Blues/Roots
is a combo to me. It can be acoustic or electric but it must capture in it’s own way the roots of the blues. Not traditional, not contemporary but somewhere in between. A wonderful release by a lady who does not fit in any box, though it might be nice if she was accepted more in the blues family tree.
Best Blues/Roots Release:
Brother Sun Sister Moon – Brother Sun Sister Moon
Spencer Bohren – Seven Birds
Peter Novelli – St. Amant Sessions
The California Honeydrops – The River’s Invitation
Tas Cru – You Keep The Money

Slide1 (1)Traditional blues
has the direct connection to the past, and each artist here has made that connection in their release. As you can see they vary widely in their scope. This band captures the feel and style of traditional blues yet makes it their own.
Best Traditional Release:
Zora Young & Little Mike & The Tornadoes – Friday Night
The Cash Box Kings – Holding Court
The Lucky Losers – A Winning Hand
Fat Man’s Shine Parlor – Smokin’ Joe Kubek & B’Nois King
HowellDevine – Modern Sounds of Ancient Juju

Slide1 (1)R&B
, yeah sometimes people forget that it’s Rhythm & Blues, and that in itself is a classic take. Our nominees and winner display a variety of styles on this classic style of music. This was a tough category but our winner put together an oh so solid release and edges out the others.
Best Soul/R&B Release:
The Reverend Shawn Amos – The Reverend Shawn Amos Loves You
Billy Price & Otis Clay – This Time For Real
Andy T & Nick Nixon Band – Numbers Man
Deb Callahan – Sweet Soul
Lara Price – I Mean Business

Slide1 (1)‘Welcome back’
ain’t just for Mr. Kotter anymore, though I’d love to see a new release from John B. Sebastian. These artists have been away for a spell and we are all glad that they have returned to bring us their vision of the blues. A hearty welcome back to our winner, it’s been a long road back, but glad you are here.
Welcome Back Release:
Sam Butler – Raise Your Hands
JJ Appleton & Jason Ricci – Dirty Memories
Wee Willie Walker – If Nothing Ever Changes
Walter Trout – Battle Scars
Gaye Adegbalola & The Wild Rutz – Is It Still Good To Ya?

Slide1 (1)New artists
debut records, no ‘splainin’ here, Lucy! There were many more that could be here, but we have a limit of five per category. Indeed, these two cats are together for the first time and they stick it!
Best Debut Release:
JJ Appelton & Jason Ricci – Dirty Memory
Randy McQuay – Solo
Crooked Eye Tommy – Butterflies & Snakes
Noah Wotherspoon – Mystic Mud
Mark Telesca – Heavy Breathing

Slide1 (1)The blues
may be more popular Internationally than right here at home, more about that at a later date. But these folks are stand outs in their efforts to keep the blues thriving around the world. All of them are excellent but our winner is a band that has been kickin’ it for several years and who’se vocalist/drummer has a voice that reminds one of Big Mama & Big Maybelle.
International Release of the Year:
24th Street Wailers (Canada)– Where Evil Grows
Magnus Berg (Norway) – Cut Me Loose
David Gogo (Canada) – Vicksburg Call
Evelyn Rubio (Mexico) – Hombres
Angela Esmerelda (Italy) – DeltaSoul

Slide1 (1)Rock blues – Blues rock
…whatever, we can split hairs over a Pimm’s Cup later. Now let’s see who takes home the Jimi Award. And there really is a difference between the two categories.
Rock/Blues Release of The Year:
Walter Trout – Battle Scars
Anthony Gomes – Electric Field Holler
Low Society Band – You Can’t Keep A Good Woman Down
Noah Wotherspoon – Mystic Mud
Todd Wolfe Band – Long Road Back

Slide1 (1)Contemporary blues,
yeah a bit of a difference here. To me it is definitely blues with a very strong contemporary twist to it. Whether it be musical, lyrical or both. This stuff is what will keep the blues in the hearts and minds of the new generation. I thank each and everyone of you who put out these releases,and others who we have not mentioned. Our winner is exciting live and his release explores some interesting areas and insure he will be around for quite some time.
Best Contemporary Release:
Jeff Jensen – Morose Elephant
Ghost Town Blues Band – A Hard Road To Hoe
Mike Zito & The Wheel – Keep Coming Back
Zac Harmon – Right Man Right Now
The Rusty Wright Band – Wonder Man

Slide1 (1)Our new category from
2014 (with a new title for 2015) which we will continue it till we run out of youngin’s who deserve some love. These are the ones that get it and are more than guitar shredders or hook players. These young folks are the real deal and I suggest you get to know them now on the way up cos their bus is gonna get crowded real soon. Our choice has been playing out there for a few years but with a solid release under their belts I look for them to start making big waves in the blues world.
The Thrill Is Now (Comin’ Up Youth Award):
Kyle Rowland (Harmonica)
The Peterson Brothers (Band)
In Layman Terms (Cole & Logan) (Band)
Pat Harrington – (Guitar)
Grace Kuch (Guitar)

Slide1 (1)Women in the Blues 
– they can make ya cry, or make you laugh. They can rock ya or mellow you out, it’s lady time right here and now. Here we honor the instrument known as voice. Out of great choices comes our winner, and she has a range and style that never fails to excite.
Female Vocalist:
Shemekia Copeland
Deb Ryder

Alexis P. Suter
Karen Lovely
Beth Hart

Slide1 (1)Now for the men
who sing so well. This cat can just flat-out sing, multiple award nominee in the blues world and winner also. Also he is a fan favorite wherever he is performing.
Male Vocalist:
Victor Wainwright
Sugaray Rayford
Darrell Nullisch
Eugene ‘Hideaway’ Bridges
Otis Clay

Slide1 (1)With so
many artists including instrumentals on their releases, we figure it’s time to honor them for their much appreciated efforts. Personally we love that artists are doing more instrumentals and this track is super.
Best Instrumental Song:
Blues Gotta Hold On Me -The Texas Horns
Elevators – John Ginty
Moanin’ – Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters
Dackin’ – Roy Rogers
Exhalted Lover – Duke Robilliard

Slide1 (1)The guitar is
certainly the go to instrument in the blues these days. But these cats are unlike the followers, they all lead from the front. Well, all ya gotta do is say his name to other guitar players and you will see why he is at the top. But even more amazing he is a repeat winner from 2013. That shows his prowess and sensitivity has grown along with his fiery touch.
Guitar Hero:
Corey Harris
Rusty Wright
Jarekus Singleton
Kid Andersen
Mike Zito

Slide1 (1)Guitars are not
just toys for the boys. We have a long history of ladies playing the guitar and doing it with an amazing degree of excellence. Here is our choice a lady who is self taught and started at age 26, mastrful finger picking and percussive style and comfortable on any style of guitar.
Guitar Heroine:
Mary Flower
Fiona Boyes
Eliana Cargnelutti (Girls w/Guitars)
Joanna Connor
Liz Mandeville

Slide1 (1)Badazz bass
is always fun, it holds the bottom end down and makes the beat sweet. The winner learned to play guitar and bass in church with his cousins and family, and is out there wowing audiences around the world while playing in his cousin’s band.
Badazz Bass:
Illaria Lantieri Blue (Sugar Blue)
Ben ‘Gifted Hands’ Sterling (Jarekus Singleton)
Lenny Bradford (Joe Louis Walker)
Ralph Freidrichsen (Paul Thorn)
Bill Ruffino (Jeff Jensen)

Slide1 (1)Led by
these folks and others, keyboards are making their way back into mainstream blues these days. The variety and depth of our winner is simply breathtaking and he plays for one helluva band when not on his own..
Radiating Them 88’s Piano/Keys Award:
Anthony Geraci (Sugar Ray & The Bluetones)
John Ginty
Marty Sammon (Buddy Guy Band)

Billy C. Wirtz
Michael Emerson (Tommy Castro)

Slide1 (1)We left off a ton of harp players from our list, not as an oversight but again to get some light on some others who are out there. Our winner had a release this year that was so damn good on so many levels it will make you jump up and say hell yeah.
Harmonica Player Award:
Omar Coleman
Fabrizio Poggi
Jason Ricci
Chris O’Leary
Jay Stollman

Slide1 (1)Them beat keepers
are an incredible bunch of artists. Each artist here has their own sound and take on what the drums should do. Each of them can vary and alter their playing to fit a specific styled song. Our winner has been keeping the big beat alive in NYC and almost everywhere else, big daddy on the drums for sure.
Drum Thumper Award:
Ben Malament (CA Honeydrops)
Paul Dudley (Corey Harris)
Ray Grappone (Alexis P. Suter)
Maya Kyles/Lanky DeRealist (Jarekus Singleton)
Robinson Bridgeforth (Jeff Jensen)

Slide1 (1)Other –
well when ya get past the screeching guitars, the booming bass, and them thumpin’ drums – it’s hard sometimes to hear the other folks who provide a distinct sound to the blues. Our winner is an integral part of the band he plays with, accomplished, talented, versatile and hard working.
Instrumentalist Other:
Randy Oxford –Trombone
Gordon ‘Saxman’ Jones (Corey Harris) – Saxophone
Chuk Barber (Lowrider Band/CA Honeydrops) – Percussion
anos ‘Johnny Bones’ Lustig (CA Honeydrops)- Saxophone
Pete Devine (HowellDevine) – Washboard & Jug

Slide1 (1)Sometimes
it ain’t the meat it’s the motion. Every year I find some wonderful titles on the releases I get. This year was no exception. Our winner not only had the title to go with it but the music on it was exceptional.
Coolest Release Title:
Jeff Jensen – Morose Elephant
HowellDevine – Modern Sounds of Ancient Juju
Anthony Gomes – Electric Field Holler
Paul Thorn – Too Blessed To Be Stressed
Smokin’ Joe Kubek & B’Nois King- Fat Man’s Shine Parlor

Slide1 (1)Even in
this day and age literature can help soothe the savage beast, it can enlighten one. Though our winner is not really a book but a collection of pragmatic explorations into the Cooking With HART Cookbook (last year’s winner) recipes, it’s style and her effort goes beyond the ‘boxes’ much like Blues music itself. You can find this collection on Facebook or here http://thejoannefish.tumblr.com/ .
Blues Book of The Year:
Blues On Beale Street: Memoirs of IBC Photo Book – Jenn Ocken/Greg Slim Lively Johnson
Mr.Handy’s Blues/Cooking With HART (A Collection) – Joanne Fish
Legends of the Blues – William Stout
20 Ans Cognac Blues Passions
Hal Leonard Blues Instruction Books (various authors) – Collection of instruction books/DVD/CDs by performing artists such as Marty Sammon, Bob Margolin etc.

Slide1 (1)Writing a song
is very personal, it opens up wounds, it can also heal hurts or it can raise the roof in love and lust. I fretted over this category more than any other. How could I choose one over the other. What our winner did was address a topic that is like that 300 pound elephant in the room, and does so with a style and grace that makes me proud to award him this years award.
Song Of the Year:
Walter Trout – Gonna Live Again
Karen Lovely – Save Me
Mighty Mike Schermer – Hear You Call Him Baby
Fiona Boyes – Juke Joint On Moses Lane
Zac Harmon – Long Live The Blues

Slide1 (1)Another category
with exceptional choices. If you notice each is way different from the other – a tribute to the artists who are represented here. Our winner is a traditional bluesman who is one of the most contemporay cats out there, and is the father of Trance Blues. Quite possibly the only ‘concept album’ in the blues. This needs to be listened to from start to finish in one sitting.
Album Of The Year:
Karen Lovely – Ten Miles of Bad Road
Otis Taylor Band – Hey Joe Opus Red Meat
The California Honeydrops – The River’s Invitation
Johnny Riley – Crossroads of My Life
Beth McKee – Sugarcane Revival

Slide1 (1)We frickin’ love
festivals, in case you didn’t notice. We support and work with many and we attend as many as we can. Seeing live music is the best thing in the world. These are festivals we have attended (a pre-requisite for nomination) and each has it’s own vibe and spirit. Our winner has done a fabulous job of getting sponsors and artists for their festival. It’s not a long running festival but it has set high standards.The organization behind it (Realize Bradenton) does more than put on blues festivals – it is a community support organization unlike any other. They just missed last year but this is their shining moment.
Festival of the Year:
Daytona Blues Festival
Pennsylvania Blues Festival
European Blues Cruise
Savannah Music Festival
Bradenton Blues Festival

Slide1 (1)What we do
we do not do alone. It truly is a community based effort. From festivals, to radio in all forms, to artists who give us the music and shout outs at events. Yet the back bone is the tireless work of our ‘fans’ – that’s a funny word to write. These folks have selflessly helped promote Blues411 and its vision, and without them we would not be where we are today. Thank you one and all, to past winners of this category to future nominees and winners, again thank you.
Outstanding Fan/Supporter of Blues411:
Lisa Panoyan
Stoli Lazz
Gaspare Bertolino
Martin Goettsch
Randy Oxford

So that’s it f
or 2015, be sure to check out these artists on their web sites and in concert. Buy their CD’s – each and every one of them deserves your support, as do the others who unfortunately did not make the list. The time is right to be giving the gift of the blues so any of these folks music would make great gifts for the music lover in your circle. Be sure to check us out here on the web, or in social media. Oh yeah, you can find the prior years nominees and winners, by year, at these linked pages, so check up on the history of the Jimi Awards and see if there’s any repeat winners.

pre-jimi award post

Love, Peace & Chicken Grease
Chefjimi & Leslie K.Joseph
©Blues411.com 2015
Where Blues Thrives
Photos: Leslie K. Joseph, Blues411

A Baker’s Dozen of Blues: April 27,2015


Jeff JensenExciting news, Jeff Jensen remains in the top slot this week. We are spinning a new track – thisone featuring Ms. Anne Harris, hope you enjoy this track as well as the release which is one of the better ones this year.

We have 2 new debuts, tho’ not in succession on our BDOB chart. At number 13 this week is Bernard Allison with his new release ‘In The Mix’, we just saw Bernard and he was off the hook. At #10 is Ms. Debbie Davies, one of the tasiest guitar players out there. Her new release ‘Love Spin’ captures Debbie’s view of life and shines a light on her writing skills and variety of styles and sounds (tho’ all with true blues blood in them veins). I know you will enjoy these two solid releases.

Our Amuse Bouche this week is a tongue in check look at my ‘Wonky Left Knee’ and it’s farewell tour which begins this weekend with a visit to Atlanta to see Too Slim & The Taildraggers. It then continues to Memphis (and who knows where in between) for the Blues Music Awards.
Upon returning I will have total replacement of ‘leftie’ so it is our tribute to all that it has done for me over the years, and quite possible the only means left for me to ease the pain of departure. Give me ‘Combustible Consumables for $100 Alex‘ . . .

A Baker’s Dozen of Blues, on MojoWax Radio presented by Blues MusicMagazine at LIVE365.com.

Broadcast times are as follows:
bcradioMonday  1pm EST ALWAYS A NEW SHOW
 – 10pm EST
Wednesday – Noon EST
 –  11pm EST
 –  4pm EST
Saturday – 2pm EST

Baker’s Dozen: Current Chart & Playlist on Radio Show

CW LW CD TITLE Artist/ Web Site Track#/Title
1 1 Morose Elephant Jeff Jensen 6. Ash & Bone*
2 4 Terraplane Steve Earle & The Dukes 11. King of The Blues
3 5 Live & Extended Brandon Santini 7. Got Love If Ya Want It*
4 7 Tough Love Tinsley Ellis 4. Hard Work*
5 6 Memphis Blue Sweet, Strong & Tight Barbara Blue 9. Sweet, Strong & Tight
6 11 Too Many Men Eight O’Five Jive 9. Kissing In The Dark*
7 8 Brother Sun Sister Moon Brother Sun Sister Moon 12. Soul Slayer
8 11 Double EP Dave Muskett 2. She Can’t Give Me The Blues
9 10 Hard Road To Hoe Ghost Town Blues Band 7. Tied My Worries To A Stone
10 ~ Love Spin Debbie Davies 1. Life Of The Party*
11 12 Let It Rain Deb Ryder 9. Let It Rain
12 13 Electric Field Holler Anthony Gomes 7. The Blues Ain’t The Blues
No More
13 ~ In The Mix Bernard Allison 7. I Had It All The Time*

*new track

Chef’s Suggestions: The Stuff Ya Gotta Watch

Where Evil Grows 23th Street Wailers 1.Just Wait
Shaman Lover Mary Hott 2. Shaman Lover
Can of Gas & A Match The Bush League 10 Death of Robert
Down By The Bayou JeConte 1. Down By The Bayou
Cakewalk Voodoo Walters 3. Girl On A Scooter
If You Think It’s Hot Here Mike Henderson Band 1. Wanta Know Why
You Can’t Keep A Good
Woman Down
Low Society 9. No Money Down
Exactly Like This Doug MacLeod 9. Raylene
Destination Clarksdale Ben Rice & Lucy Hammond 4. Turn My Back On You
Heavy Breathing Mark Telesca 2.Paint It Blue
Whisky, Wine & Water Stacy Jones 1. Can’t Do Nothin’ Right

Amuse Bouche: Combustible Consumables for $100 Alex

Song Artist
Drinkin’ Straight Tequilla Chris Cain
Drink Drank Drunk Andy T & Nick Nixon
Stoned, Drunk & Naked Anders Osborne
Drink, Party & Dance Albert Cummings
Don’t Touch My Liquor The Bush League
I Got Loaded Joakim Tinderholt
Thinkin’ & Drinkin’ Peter Novelli
Sweet Tea & Bourbon Austin Walkin’ Cane
One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer John Lee Hooker
Bad Bad Whisky Amos Milburn
Drinkin’ Bad Whisky Deacon Jones
No Workin’ During Drinkin’ Hours Laurie Morvan Band
You Got Me Drinkin’ Ladee Bianca
Drinkin’ Wine The Chicago Blues Reunion

Love, Peace & Chicken Grease
©Blues411.com 2015
Where Blues Thrives
Photos: Leslie K. Joseph, Blues411

A Baker’s Dozen of Blues: April 20, 2015


BakersDozen15Well a week at home was a nice thing, though our Photographer/Voice Talent got a bug of some sort. I think it was from eating salad at a blues festival – jus’ sayin’.

This week we are thrilled to have Jeff Jensen at the number 1 spot on theJeff Jensen BDOB chart. This is a superb release and showcases the many sides of Jeff and the band’s music and variety.They are currently touring the world (yep) and making new fans by the score, be sure to check them out live – wild night is calling!

New to our chart this week is a deep voiced blues lady fro California, Deb Ryder. Deb has a fantastic new release out ‘Let It Rain’ produced by our dear friend and drummer extraordinaire Tony Braunagel.
Also debuting this week is Anthony Gomes. His latest release is a a brilliant title ‘Electric Filed Holler’ and it captures all the emotion and force of AG’s live performances but encapsulated in a studio session. Anthony has a great book out on the history of blues – it was his dissertation from University and is worth picking, it’s called “The Black & White of the Blues”.

Our Amuse Bouche this week is focused on our International Blues artists. From jolly old England to down under Australia and all points between – it seems that the blues is alive and well around the world – as for here, sadly I am not so sure.

A Baker’s Dozen of Blues, on MojoWax Radio presented by Blues MusicMagazine at LIVE365.com.

Broadcast times are as follows:
bcradioMonday  1pm EST ALWAYS A NEW SHOW
 – 10pm EST
Wednesday – Noon EST
 –  11pm EST
 –  4pm EST
Saturday – 2pm EST

Baker’s Dozen: Current Chart & Playlist on Radio Show

CW LW CD TITLE Artist/ Web Site Track#/Title
1 2 Morose Elephant Jeff Jensen 6. What’s the Matter
With The Mill
2 5 Stranded Greg Nagy 7. Still Doing Fine
3 4 LIVE from the Park Theatre Jimmi & The Band of Souls 3. Sweet Jesus Blues
4 6 Terraplane Steve Earle & The Dukes 11. King of The Blues*
5 8 Live & Extended Brandon Santini 5. Have A Good Time
6 7 Memphis Blue Sweet, Strong & Tight Barbara Blue 9. Sweet, Strong & Tight
7 9 Tough Love Tinsley Ellis 2. Midnight Ride
8 10 Brother Sun Sister Moon Brother Sun Sister Moon 12. Soul Slayer
9 11 Too Many Men Eight O’Five Jive 7. Feed The Monkeys
10 13 Hard Road To Hoe Ghost Town Blues Band 7. Tied My Worries To A Stone
11 12 Double EP Dave Muskett 2. She Can’t Give Me The Blues*
12 ~ Let It Rain Deb Ryder 9. Let It Rain*
13 ~ Electric Field Holler Anthony Gomes 7. The Blues Ain’t The Blues No More*

 *new track

Chef’s Suggestions: The Stuff Ya Gotta Watch

Love Spin Debbie Davies 1. Life Of The Party
Where Evil Grows 24th Street Wailers 2.Just Wait
Shaman Lover Mary Hott 2. Shaman Lover
Can of Gas & A Match The Bush League 10 Death of Robert
In The Mix Bernard Allison 7. I Had It All The Time
Down By The Bayou JeConte 1. Down By The Bayou
Cakewalk Voodoo Walters 3. Girl On A Scooter
If You Think It’s Hot Here Mike Henderson Band 1. Wanta Know Why
You Can’t Keep A Good Woman Down Low Society 9. No Money Down
Exactly Like This Doug MacLeod 9. Raylene
Destination Clarksdale Ben Rice & Lucy Hammond 4. Turn My Back On You


Amuse Bouche: International Blues Artists

Artist Album Song  
24th Street Wailers Where Evil Grows* 2.Just Wait Canada
Dianna Braithewaite & Chris Whitely Blues Stories 6. Fried Fish Canada
Fathead Fatter Than Ever* 11. Shoot That Rooster Canada
Joakim Tinderholt & His Band You Gotta Do More* 1. Stumblin’ & Fumblin’ Norway
Ori Naftali Band Happy For Good 5.Happy For Good Israel
Fiona Boyes Blues Women 2.Howlin’ At Your Door Austrailia
Stevie Paige Welcome To The Big Time 4. Far From Here Austrailia
Hans Theessink & Terry Evans True & Blue* 3. The Glory Of Love Austria
Ian Siegal The Picnic Sessions* 15. Only Trying To Survive England
James Hunter The Hard Way 7. Hand It Over England
John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers Live in ’67* 9. I Can’t Quit You Baby England
Fabrizio Poggi & Chicken Mambo Spaghetti Juke Joint 2.King Bee Italy
Suitcase Brothers A Long Way From Home 3. Jelly & Roll Spain
The Blue Turtles Band The Blue Turtles 1 Ain’t Gonna Cry Columbia

Love, Peace & Chicken Grease
©Blues411.com 2015
Where Blues Thrives
Photos: Leslie K. Joseph, Blues411

A Baker’s Dozen of Blues: August 4, 2014

This week we actually find ourselves at home, fancy that! We are enjoying our time home and getting ready for our trip to the Jackson R&B Festival August 15, 16 in Jackson, Mississippi. Hope to see ya there cause there is a fantastic line up of Blues and R&B artists. Check the line-up out by clicking name link above.

We are proud to announce that we have added the Daytona Blues Festival to our Festival Media Partner Roster, it’s October 10-12, so get yourself down to Florida and hang with the crowds and listen to some excellent blues.

Holding on to #1 this week is none other than,  Janiva Magness, and her release ‘original’ . This release is on her Fathead record label  and is doing exceedingly well in the blues/roots and world charts.
With that happening it has caused a bit of a log jam – with Ronnie Earl, Ron Tanski, Jarekus Singleton and Bob Corritore pushing hard to move up, as they are all in the top five, we shall see what happens.

Be sure to check out the up and comers on the Chef Suggestions list right below the Baker’s Dozen. These are the artists who are positioning themselves for a spot on the play list and are well worth you time and effort to know.

If you are an artist you might want to get in on this, well artists and related blues peeps. We are gathering recipes for a HART FUND cookbook, all proceeds go to the HART Fund and we are looking at an August 31st end date for submissions. To learn more please email me at BLUESFOOD@BLUES411.COM – very easy to enter recipes our PDF will have all ya need to get there and get it done. It will be a hard cover book with various sections for recipes, and could be used by fans attending your shows and have you autograph yer own recipe – now how cool is that? 

Our Amuse Bouche features AUGUST birthdays, we hand picked a group of interesting artists and some very cool tunes for y’all, so enjoy and be sure to wish them that are still with us a happy birthday!

A Baker’s Dozen of Blues, on MojoWax Radio presented by Blues Music Magazine at LIVE365.com.

Bbluescat2Droadcast times are as follows:
Monday  1pm EST NEW SHOW
 – 10pm EST
Wednesday – Noon EST
 –  11pm EST
 –  4pm EST
Saturday – 2pm EST

Baker’s Dozen:

CW LW CD TITLE Artist/ Web Site Track#/Title
1 1 original Janiva Magness 8 Who Am I
2 2 Good News Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters 4 In The Wee Hours
3 3 Never Pet A Burning Dog Ron Tanski 8 It Must Be Love
4 4 Refuse To Lose Jarekus Singleton 9 High Minded
5 5 Taboo Bob Corritore 1 Potato Stomp
6 7 The Beautiful Bones Kelly Hunt 1 This Time
7 8 Anthology Too Slim & The Taildragges 2 Little Gun Motel
8 10 Jigsaw Heart Eden Brent 2 Everybody Already Knows
9 11 Nobody But Me Rip Lee Pryor 4 Wake Up Baby
10 12 Love is The Devil Pork Chop Willie 1 Too Many Cuts
11 13 A Different World Carmen Grillo 2 A Real Mother For Ya
12 ~ Michissippi Mick Mick Kolassa 4 Reefer Man
13 ~ Sunshine Davina & The Vagabonds 6 You Better Start Praying


Chef’s Suggestions:

Bad Taboo Carolyn Fe’ 3 Bad Taboo
Meet Me In Houston John McVey 11 Freddie King Goes Surfing
All The Right Moves Little Mike & The Tornadoes 6 Fool Too Long
Hollywood Blvd. Raoul &The Big Time 5 Amphetamine
The Last Laugh The Asylum Street Spankers 2 Never Going Back
Don’t Call No Ambulance Selwyn Birchwood 12 Hoodoo Stew
The Best Of The Stony Plain Years Long John Baldry 2 I’m Shakin’
Emergency Situation Rod Piazza & the Mighty Flyers 3 Milk & Water
Forever In Blue Bridget Kelly Band 2 Blues In The Kitchen
Goin’ Home Kenny Wayne Shepard 12 Born Under A Bad Sign
The Hustle Is Really On Mark Hummel 3 The Hustle Is On
Livin It Up Andy T & Nick Nixon Band 1 Baby Right Now
Havin’ Nothn’ Don’t Bother Me Harmonica Shah 8 Honey I Ran Out Of Lies


Amuse Bouche: August Birthdays

1 Forecast Calls For Pain Robert Cray 1st
2 Future Blues Willie Brown 6th
3 Give Me Back My Wig Magic Slim & The Teardrops 7th
12 Kansas City Jimmy Witherspoon 9th
6 Jail House Blues Cryin’ Sam Collins 11th
1 Memory Pain Percy Mayfield 12th
2 It’s Midnight Baby Roy Gaines 12th
2 Soul Fixin’ Man Luther Allison 17th
3 Lay Lady Lay Issac Hayes 20th
11 It Serves You Right To Suffer John Lee Hooker 22nd
6 Percolatin’ Debbie Davies 22nd
23 Long John Blues Dinah Washington 24th

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