IBC 2014: Youth Being Served Daily

Hah hah bet that title got your attention! Well no they did not go cannibal on the ‘kids’ but they did do a great job of showcasing many a fine young band and solo artists during the competition. What stuck out for me and Blues411 was the level of the youngin’s in the main challenge. […]

Photo Gallery: Friday’s Child is Slow on the Uptake (BMA’s day after)

After a superior show at convention center, we struggled to get straight on Friday.  Dedication of Mississippi Blues Trail Marker was a nice start, then off to Gus’s for fried Chicken Breakfast. cc. twoletters show was really interesting and good, as she and Roddy Barnes provided “carol burnett/lily tomlin’ styled perfromances to blues music. A […]

Photo Gallery: Mississippi Blues Trail Marker Dedication

The Blues Foundation received a Mississippi Blues Trail Marker from the Mississippi Blues Commission for their continued and unparalleled support of the Blues. A great ceremony at the headquarters of the Blues Foundation and future home of the Blues Hall of Fame. %%wppa%% %%cover=20%% %%size=375%% Until next time, Love, Peace & Chicken Grease chefjimi ©Blues411.com […]

Raising The Roof For The Blues Hall Of Fame

While at the International Blues Challenge this January/February we were all privileged to hear some outstanding music by bands from around the world. But at the Finals held in the stately Orpheum Theater, we were all treated to a rousing – calling it a speech wouldn’t do it justice – call to action by Mr, […]