CD Reviews – One-A-Day Holiday Challenge Week Three

What a great time it was, the CD Challenge lasted 30 days with 31 reviews for your holiday shopping assistance. We covered a broad range of musical style but all housed under our big blues tent (which was one of the finalist names for the web site before Blues411 won) and we are thrilled to […]

Dion The Wanderer Comes Home to The Blues: Part One

By Don Wilcock “Sometimes white guys are trying to get inside the blues. Blues guys are trying to get out.” Dion Di Mucci makes profound statements like that in a Bronx accent that he delivers in a drawl that is the vocal equivalent of a mixed metaphor. It’s as though he were a Bronx borough […]

CD Reviews: Old Friends, New Releases

Spring is here, at least for the moment, so it’s time to take stock and go thru closets and sort things out that matter. So what I have done for these reviews is to take some artists who, for whatever reasons, are considered ‘old friends’. I may have been listening some to them for years, […]

CD Reviews: It’s Not Who You Know, It’s Who You Don’t Know

Wow, there is so much good music coming out these days it’s hard for a guy to keep up widdit all. So I am now going to give this space to some artists who I am not familiar with. Some of you folks might know them, others might be in my camp of the unknown. […]