A Baker’s Dozen of Blues: March 24, 2014

Let’s start out with good news, George Thorogood is still rockin’ dem blues as he celebrates his 40th year of touring! An amazing feat and he still brings the energy and excitement (and just a little cheese) to his shows that make for an incredible evening. We got a chance to catch up with George […]

Photo Gallery: 2013 Thru The Eyes of Blues411’s Leslie Joseph

With over 25 major festivals and shows this year, we covered a whole lot  of ground keeping the Blues thriving. Leslie shot over 18,000 photos at these and we decided to give her some space to present her very best, or at least some of her favorites from the past year. There were many more […]

Photo Gallery: Weekend in Charleston, SC.

What a great weekend past for us and the Blues. This was perfect evidence that our beloved genre is still alive and well and thriving. Starting out with a Friday evening of Gracie Curran & The High Falutin’ Band, then on Saturday to the Lowcountry Blues Club IBC elimination event, then onto Karen Lovely Band. […]

Opinion: Happy Birthday Blues411 & Thanks To All Y’all

It was September 7, 2010 that fetus-like Blues411,com posed the question “What are the blues anyway?” It’s answer was a very interesting release by Spencer Bohren, a splendid musician who has covered a lot of ground as a musician, and educator. I still think it works today as much as it did then. It was […]