A Baker’s Dozen of Blues: March 24, 2014

A Baker's Dozen Of Blues

A Baker’s Dozen Of Blues

Let’s start out with good news, George Thorogood is still rockin’ dem blues as he celebrates his 40th year of touring! An amazing feat and he still brings the energy and excitement (and just a little cheese) to his shows that make for an incredible evening.
We got a chance to catch up with George in Jacksonville, FL and enjoy his show featuring our good buddy Jim Suhler (who’s new release is on our chart) on guitar, and long time accomplice and one of the best rock and roll drummers, Jeff Simon on the one cymbal – HAH!  George had the super up and coming artists Selwyn Birchwood open for him thru Florida, that’s a great way to keep them blues alive & thrivin’ thanks Big George!

Not very good news, as many of us know Walter Trout has not had an easy road these days, he needs a new liver and it is crucial that it happens soon. These medical and living expenses add up quickly. So help if ya can by reading further.

Lisa Mann -  'Move On'

Lisa Mann –
‘Move On’

One person who is doing something positive for him is Lisa Mann. When you purchase her brand-spank new release ‘Move On’ Lisa will donate $5 to assist Walter and family with these expenses. Look ya gonna buy this CD anyway (we preview it this week ads a Women In Blues Amuse Bouche) so why not do double good by going here to buy it. http://www.lisamannmusic.com/buy-move-on-direct-and-help-walter-trout/ .

Our #1 this week is the fabulous and talented Andra Faye & equally fabulous and talented Scott Ballentine and their release ‘Laying Down Our Blues’ congrats to these two for proving that loud screaming guitars ain’t the only blues in town.

Thanks for the great response to our St. Paddy’s Day everybody’s Irish feature, that was fun to put together and glad y’all dug it. This week we honor Contemporary Women in the Blues. Several of them have new releases out or at just about to release it, so support them by buying their music, seeing their shows, and listening to only internet radio that pays royalties to the artists.

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A Baker’s Dozen:

CW LW CD TITLE Artist/ Web Site Record Label Track#/Title
1 2 “Laying Down Our Blues” Andra Faye & Scott Ballentine Self 3 Slow Burning Love
2 3 “Happy For Good” Ori Naftaly Band Acum Records 2 Envy
3 5 “Wanted Woman” Niecie Ride The Tiger Records 6 Blues Ain’t Nothing
4 4 “Might Just Get Lucky” Deb Ryder BeJeb Music 6 Ce Soir Ce Soir
5 6 “Roosters Happy Hour” The Blues Doctors Modern Blues Harmonica 6 Sugar
6 9 “Cry Of Love” Shaun Murphy Vision Wall 8 Nickel and A Nail
7 7 “I Am The Blues” Michael Packer img 9 I’m In Love
8 8 “You Better Mind” Mudcat 30 Miles UP 1 When Mama’s Happy
9 11 “New Attitude” Root Doctor Self 1 Rear View Sight
10 10 “Far As I Can See” Matt Schofield Provogue 2 Clean Break
11 12 “It Feels Good” Randy Oxford Band Figgleblall Records 1 Trouble
12 13 “Panther Burn” Jim Suhler & Monkey Beat Underworld Records 8 Sky’s Full of Crows
13 ~ “Wicked” 24th Street Wailers Self 10 Aw Baby

 Chef Suggestions:

“Blue Yonder” Hard Garden Hard Garden Music 2 Depot Blues
“Sounds of Home” Damon Fowler Blind Pig 9 TV Mama
“Baptized By The Mud” Kat Danser Independent 10 Prove It On Me Blues
“Belle of The Blues” Lisa Biales Big Song Music 8 Peach Pickin’ Mama
“Guitar Angels” James Armstrong Catfood Records 8 Saturday Night Women
“Goin’ To The Delta” Kim Simmonds & Savoy Brown Ruf Records 2 Nothing Like The Blues
“30th Anniversary Special Edition” Blue Lunch Special Rip Cat Records 10 Sixty Minute Man
“Blues With Friends” Dixie Peach Big Shew Records 1 Too Much Trouble
“Chunkabilly Blues” Chris Lord & Cheatin’ River Self 5 Jelly Bean
“He Digs Me” Sunday Wilde Self 9 Gimme One More
“Brotherhood” The Holmes Brothers Alligator 1 Stayed At The Party
“Drivin Me Wild” Jonn Del Toro Richardson & Sean Carney Self 3 Lookin’ For My Baby

Amuse Bouche: 

Contemporary Ladies of the Blues  
Move On Lisa Mann 1 Move On
Still The Rain Karen Lovely 9 Never Felt No Blues
Use What You Got Janiva Magness 9 That’s Why I’m Crying
Two Sides Alexis P. Suter 12 Savior
Don’t Call Her Larry: Blues Mix Lawrence Lebo 3 Please Dont Dog Me
Black Cloud Davina & The Vagabonds 7 Lipstick and Chrome
Blues Woman Fiona Boyes 14 Juke Joint On Moses Lane
Days Like This Linda Valori 5 My Turn My Time
Servin’ Notice Lady Bianca 1 He Told Me The Same Thing Too
Living In The Danger Zone Sista Monica Parker 1 Hug Me Like You Love Me
Blood Red Blues Cee Cee James 1 Blood Red Blues
Raise Your Hands Long Tall Deb 7 Married To The Blues

As of Sunday with the generous and care from so many supports Walter has exceeded his goal of 125K – they have 129K currently, please don’t stop now. We know that this something whose cost just escalates, so don’t be lulled into a false sense of accomplishment please visit Lisa Mann’s site and get a CD and send $5 to Walter’s cause.  You can also visit here to donate and stay up to date. http://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/walter-trout-needs-a-new-liver-you-can-help-/151911

Love, Peace & Chicken Grease

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Photo Gallery: 2013 Thru The Eyes of Blues411’s Leslie Joseph

With over 25 major festivals and shows this year, we covered a whole lot  of ground keeping the Blues thriving.

Leslie shot over 18,000 photos at these and we decided to give her some space to present her very best, or at least some of her favorites from the past year. There were many more that could be here, trust me, but we needed to whittle down to give a super and not too lengthy overview of the year.
Thank you to all the festivals, shows and artists that allowed us to be part of the framily for the day we appreciate you so much.

Otis Taylor

Otis Taylor
Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise

Bobby Rush & The Booty Girl

Bobby Rush & The Booty Girl
Pennsylvania Blues Festival

Zac Harmon & Ana Popovic

Zac Harmon & Ana Popovic
Amelia Island Blues Festival

Ms. Mavis Staples Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise

Ms. Mavis Staples
Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise

Watermelon Slim Savannah Jazz Festival

Watermelon Slim
Savannah Jazz Festival

John Primer & Melvin Smith Carolina Down Home Blues Festival

John Primer & Melvin Smith
Carolina Down Home Blues Festival

Devon Allman & Mike Zito (RSB) Chenango Blues Festival

Devon Allman & Mike Zito (RSB)
Chenango Blues Festival

Samantha Fish Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise

Samantha Fish
Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise

Davina Sowers (Davina & The Vagabonds) Rum Boogie Cafe

Davina Sowers (Davina & The Vagabonds)
Rum Boogie Cafe

Victor Wainwright Ace's Lounge

Victor Wainwright
Ace’s Lounge

Ms. Irma Thomas Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise

Ms. Irma Thomas
Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise

Reggie Smith & Dwayne Dopsie Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise

Reggie Smith & Dwayne Dopsie
Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise

Lisa Mann, Eden Brent & Karen Lovely Great to be with friends.

Lisa Mann, Eden Brent & Karen Lovely
Great to be with friends.

Anthony Gomes Bradenton Blues Festival

Anthony Gomes
Bradenton Blues Festival

Karen Lovely Holy City Blues Exchange Blues Dance

Karen Lovely
Holy City Blues Exchange Blues Dance

Selwyn Birchwood Bradenton FL

Selwyn Birchwood
Bradenton FL

Sista Monica Parker Pennsylvania Blues Festival

Sista Monica Parker
Pennsylvania Blues Festival

A Long Day at a Blues Festival, there's one in every crowd. Camden, SC

A Long Day at a Blues Festival, there’s one in every crowd.
Camden, SC

One last time for this year,
Love, Peace & Chicken Grease,

©Blues411.com 2013
Where Blues Thrives
Photos: Leslie K. Joseph, Blues411

Photo Gallery: Weekend in Charleston, SC.

What a great weekend past for us and the Blues.
This was perfect evidence that our beloved genre is still alive and well and thriving.

Starting out with a Friday evening of Gracie Curran & The High Falutin’ Band, then on Saturday to the Lowcountry Blues Club IBC elimination event, then onto Karen Lovely Band. Sunday brought a visit to with my nephew and family and Eden Brent finishing up our musical portion of the weekend.

Monday found us tripping Savannah with two wonderful artists and friends Karen Lovely & Lisa Mann. All in all a great weekend for the Blues.





Love, Peace & Chicken Grease

©Blues411.com 2013
Where Blues Thrives
Photos: Leslie K. Joseph, Blues411

Opinion: Happy Birthday Blues411 & Thanks To All Y’all

It was September 7, 2010 that fetus-like Blues411,com posed the question “What are the blues anyway?” It’s answer was a very interesting release by Spencer Bohren, a splendid musician who has covered a lot of ground as a musician, and educator. I still think it works today as much as it did then.

It was a quiet start, a few took notice, others (and more) could care less about what I thought. The second article held more sway and was an act of serendipity in a true sense of the word. ‘In Our Collective Thoughts was about Robin Rogers. It was not an easy write, but it was something that had to be done. Urged on by Janiva Magness it appeared on September 11, 2010 and I look at that as a major point in my decision to keep going forward with the site.

Shortly thereafter, September 20, 2010 I was thrilled to be able to chat up Rock ‘n Blues legend George Thorogood. In what remains one of my favorite interviews George and I almost forgot to talk about music as our common love of baseball set the stage for great analogies and side steps.

We ended the month with a super deep talk with Ms. Karen Lovely. She had just released her second album (is that vinyl?) ‘Still The Rain’ and we spoke about childhood, hurt, love, children and the path that life takes.

Pretty decent for a first month of officially documented work.

Back to the future if we may. Tomorrow (September 7th) begins the fourth anniversary of the birth of Blues411. Never in my wildest dreams would I dare to think that it would be all this AND a bag of chips!
From working with SiriusXM Bluesville, and being in their studio and with them on air at the BMA’s, to making so many friends who are genuine and kind – artists and fans alike – who share the passion and fever that possessed me for this music.

There is a depth of support and (dare I say) love that exists in this community and being a native New Yorker I was skeptical at first, well was I wrong. The relationships that I have developed with folks around the world has made me one of the happiest folks I know. Y’all keep telling me I got a great smile, well hell yeh I do, I am that blessed that it can’t help but show.

The 'eyes' of Blues411

The ‘eyes’ of Blues411

I do not do this alone, first off there is my wife and best friend, Leslie. Who encouraged and supported me from before Day1. I had been toying with the idea of this for some time and had several incarnations and assignments before branching out on my own. She stood by me and still does, even though she is now retired and is reigning over me and keeping me in line a tad more than usual, but it’s all good.

The artists are wonderful. They open up to some of my odd or difficult questions. They think and respond with real feelings and at times emotions. My interview with Zac Harmon was a landmark for me and an eye opener for many as we spoke of things that normally do not get passed the gated doors of the inner sanctum or back rooms of the music industry. My interview with a, then, not very well known one man band, Ben Prestage, who excited me with the content and imagery inside his song writing.

Folks related to the blues world, not necessarily musicians but those who work along the side lines, Vinny Marini, Bill Wax, Tony Colter – these on air personalities who allow me to share their stage with them, thanks to each of you. Betsie Brown, Frank Roszak, Mark Pucci and many other kind souls who work the media end and supply the music to me so I can let get you the new word on the street.

The festival folks who strive to put on stage for us all the very best of national and local talent. Eric Larsen at the Chenango Blues Festival, my first festival and always will be my favorite, and Michael Cloeren of the PA Blues fest for allowing me to be part of their team. A special thanks to Earl Thomas for asking me to be MC for his ‘Raise The Roof Concert’ in California, and the artists who performed that day. Yes, Roger Nabor for bringing his dream, the Bluescruise to us all so that we may share in it. That was a critical jumping off point for me as I saw and interacted with so many on my first cruise that I knew that I had to spread the good word.

Allow me to take it back a step – to the indie artists, Lucy Hammond, Amy Hart, Mia Vermillion, The Port City Prophets and countless more who toil night and day to make their music their way and deserve our attention and support.

To our fans and friends, Martin Goettsch, Marcia Adams, Wendy Schumer, Pete Enright and all of you who tell me to keep going to stay the course, and support me and what I do. You pass out buttons, you comment on posts you turn me on to your fav bands – we are all in this together. I am but the conduit and you all are the energy. My extra set of eyes, and ears.

I just looked at the stats for this past month August 2013. Over 11k visitors to the site for the month! Holy spam blockers batman, that’s an amazing number. That plus all the fun on Facebook that we all have together helps me keep on keeping on. It also spurs me to make it all even better, I will strive to do so because everyone ‘deserves’ the very best from each of us, and by giving our best to each other we can make us all better.

Sorry for the ramble, I sit here amazed and humbled by the overwhelming success of this little web site that could and this week has been one of reflection, re-purposing and relaxing when I can. Drinks at the pool, a Friday tradition!

Look for changes, all for the better I hope, for continuity, for new ways to help everyone reach the common goal – to keep the Blues alive & thriving.

Love, Peace & Chicken Grease

©Blues411.com 2013
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