Assaying the Oxymoronic Nature of the Blues – Shared Knowledge and Some CD Reviews

So we all know (or maybe not) that I took some time off to chill on the hot and sunny shore of South Carolina recently. I had planned on getting some work done, and did – but not in the ‘traditional’ sense of what I do. Meeting new people and getting better acquainted with others […]

Interview: In Approbation of Ben Prestage

You come from a musical family – both sides of the coin. Can you share some info about that background? What would young Ben listen to as a child, and then when you started to develop your ‘own’ sensibilities where did they take you? BP: My great grand mother she was a touring Vaudeville musician, […]

Block & Cashdollar, A Solid Investment

So it actually got up to the mid-twenties temperature wise here in the frozen tundra of Rochester, NY. Which was a nice break, we could almost see the sun (if we knew what it looked like) and in spite of the dire warnings from local meteorologists I could not pass on the opportunity to see […]