CD Reviews: Friends With Benefits

No not those kind of benefits, more along the lines of artists who are or have become friends over the years and have allowed me to listen to their new releases. So here I have compiled a short list of some of these talented folk and hi-lighted their releases so that you might grab a hold […]

The John Mayall Finishing School for Blues Artists: In Session

Some musicians seem to step up and it give their all only when surrounded by extraordinary players – others do it every time, night or day. Mr. John Mayall is of the latter example. The senior statesman of British Blues displayed his uncanny knack of putting on a great show anytime or anyplace, as well as […]

At Home With The Blues-NYC Style

It is not often that one gets to ‘go home’, and it is even less likely that one gets to go back on their own terms. I was quite fortunate to be able to accomplish this bi-fecta (hah bet ya didn’t see that coming). On March 20, 2011 Big City Blues Magazine held a celebration […]

January 2011 Bluescruise – With The Power of Soul

The title of this article is a nod of the head to Jimi Hendrix whose presence was felt aboard the dam ship this past week. We saw Kenny Wayne Shepherd (KWS) paying tribute to Jimi by doing both the ubiquitous ‘Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)’, and the longer, more jammier, ‘Voodoo Child’ on both stages. KWS showed […]