CD Reviews: New Music From New Artists

Big Frank & The Healers: Sparky’s Lounge (Lost World Music) Big Frank Mirra hails from Staten Island, the forgotten borough of the quintet that makes up NYC. Used to be ya had to take a ferry there, back in the quaint days, now we got the Verrazano Bridge and they are exploding the highways to […]

Photo Gallery: Eric Lindell, HIRO Ballroom NYC

It takes a mighty strong performer to have  Otis Taylor open for them. That could be a slippery slope but Eric Lindell did just that, and man it was great. Otis started the party off with his ‘trance blues’ and thanked Eric for asking him to join him on the bill, it was then Eric’s […]

Photo Gallery: Otis Taylor, Hiro Ballroom, NYC 2/25/12

So as we packed out overnight bags to head to NYC to see Otis Taylor and Eric Lindell we were reminded that there was a show at the Apollo that Friday. Well, I love these all-star get togethers’ but man gimme a band that cooks it up just right and I am all in. What […]

The 411 in 15: John Sebastian The Magic’s In The Music

John Sebastian – with over five decades of musical contributions he has been a permanent thread that runs through the fabric of American Roots Music. From Jug Band and Folk, through the Pop of the Lovin’ Spoonful, to working with Blues artist over the many years. We could go on here but it would only make this genuinely […]