Opinion: Baseball & Blues Bound by the Seams

This past week was quite the roller-coaster for baseball fans. While we had spring training in full bloom and the news wires and internet world alive with box scores and bits about each team, we also suffered two major loses. Carmen Berra,  wife of the much loved and mal-apropped person to ever misspeak the English […]

A Baker’s Dozen Of Blues: February 24, 2014

As we close out February, just a little reminder that it’s getting close to the end to join the Blues Foundation and cast your vote for the Nominees for the Blues Music Awards.  Yes, your vote does matter, it has equal weight and pull as anyone’s and you CAN make a difference. Coming off a […]

A Baker’s Dozen of Blues: February 17, 2014

We have all survived Valentine’s Day, managed to make the right choice and just maybe take an honest look at the one we love and appreciate them beyond the commercial crap that we always get fed. Soap box off….on to this weeks Baker’s Dozen of Blues. Well it had to happen at some point, and this […]

A Baker’s Dozen of Blues: February 10, 2014

So spent the past week being heavily medicated, not by choice, but out of necessity. I might finally admit to being almost a ‘Delta Crud’ free zone.  So it was that epic, the Crud, that it inspired Tracy K & Jamie Steinhoff to creating musical odes to its effectiveness and longevity. These are only on […]