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Photo Gallery: Michael ‘Iron Man’ Burks

On the current January 2013 Bluescruise there will be a Wall of Photos Tribute to Michael K. Burks. Featuring photos from cruisers of him in performance, enjoying relaxing with friends and fans and playing with his fellow musicians.
It is our way of saying thank you to a fine sweet man, who could make you jump for joy, or cry like a baby with his guitar playing and vocals.
Always there with a smile, willing to share an inside joke or to talk about the music and it’s power, Michael was a very special cat and I am blessed to have known him (as all others who knew him would attest to).

We miss you but keep you with us in our hearts through your music, our photos of you and the memories of our conversations.

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Michael Burks Photo Tribute

There is not much to say, Michael was taken from us far too early in life. He was a gentle, sweet man, and a stunning musician. On the January LRBC there will be a tribute wall of photos from fans these are some of Blues411's contributions to it. Bless you brother, and thank you.

Love, Peace & Chicken Grease

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Photos: Blues411

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Good Times:2012 BMA’s Night One

Holy crap, if this first night is any indicator of hat to expect for the rest of the week – LOOKOUT ! ! ! !

Very nice to see old friends, and meet new ones and to see and hear them playing the music they love. At the Rum Boogie they threw down hard, featuring blistering sets by Dave Keller, Vincent Hayes, Johnny Childs, then a spanking full set by Davina & The Vagabonds fresh from Jazz Fest – and that was the pre-courser to The Nick Moss Jam.

While the Rum Boogie was jammin’ and slammin’ The Hard Rock featured some of Nashville’s finest players, featuring Anson Funderberg, Andy T, “Nick” Nixon, Markey, Whitey Johnson plus IBC  contestant and Gibson Guitar Awards winner Bart Walker, and some fine guest spots by Janiva Magness, and Joe Louis Walker. Having seen these cats at the IBC’s I am still impressed by the level of talent they possess and how they bring it on hard each time.

Nick and the band killed it till we couldn’t take it anymore. Folks, this band is so tight you could bounce a quarter off the sheet of sound they create and it would hit the ceiling!  Then the in earnest jam  began. Scintillating vocals by Mary Bridget Davies with Vincent Hayes & Kevin Selfe on guitars exploded as Jimi Bott performed drum aerobics, while Kennan Shaw held the bottom in place. Other fine musicians came and went each providing their special sauce to the Memphis stew that was cookin’ up hot last night.  An outstanding short set by masterful vocalist Curtis Salgado melted everyone’s faces and signaled time for this boy to get on the road back to the hotel.

Look for Photo Gallery shortly !

Until next time,
Love, Peace & Chicken Grease
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Photo Gallery/Performance Review: Anthony Gomes ‘Up 2 Zero’ Release Party

What a great night for some rockin’ Blues here in Rochester NY. Anthony Gomes and band storms thru western NY promoting his new CD “Up 2 Zero’ and slays everyone in attendance.

A really good crowd came out, a tribute to Anthony’s’ drawing power, for a Wednesday night. Featuring Roger Femali on drums – who is a master beat keeper, and new addition Scot Sutherland – master of the funky bass. Personable, extremely talented and incendiary on the frets, AG won over the crowd with his sound check – it was that good.

His return to the Blues is welcomed by us and from his reactions him too. His stint in Nashville has produced some finely polished song writing skills and his voice was the surprise of the night. Raspy yet crisp with a solid ability to throttle up or down AG’s pipes were causing swoons with the ladies whle his guitar not so gently weeped and won over the guys – that is a win-win !

Was great to see old pal Scot Sutherland in a new band. Scot had been with a west coast band for what seems like forever – and seeing him a new element really reminds us of how good he really is.  Adding funk, jazz, and soul bottom to the already tight team of Anthony & Roger his presence and abilities are welcomed.

So if y’all get a chance to see these cats – make it your business to do so. From shufflin’ old-style, to strong Hendrix influences, to deep down in the alley Blues, Anthony Gomes and Band can fill the bill and make an enjoyable night out for all.

Anthony Gomes, Rochester, NY

CD release party for 'Up 2 Zero' Great night of rockin' the Blues with Anthony, Scot Sutherland and Roger Femali. WHOA !

Until next time,
Love, Peace & Chicken Grease
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photos: Leslie K. Joseph,  Blues411


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