Interview: EG Kight, The Georgia Songbird Singing

EG Kight is one of the most precious folks that I have met in the Blues world. Always generous with her time, smiles and words spoken out of friendship to me as well as others. When I first heard her voice I sat bolt upright and had to run to the radio to see who […]

Live Blues News: From Texas to Pennsylvania

This coming weekend there may just be enough Blues to go around. Well at least a round trip from Pennsylvania to Texas…. Lets start in Midland, Texas – where we have the Tall City Blues Festival. In it’s 2nd year, this up and coming festival features a wide ranging variety of artists including from California […]

More Than In My Mind, I Am In Carolina. Bluffton that is.

Funny the slogan for the town of Bluffton is “a state of mind”…your guess is as good as mine as to what it really means – but they now have me, Leslie and Blues411 as full time residents. My figuring is that it sorta fits with the Blues411 lifestyle “a state of mind” seems to […]

Bluestock Revisited One Year Later

Just over a year ago many of the tribe had gathered at Bluestock. A festival that would combine the vibe of  Woodstock (in same area) with the great music of the Blues it soon became THE place to be. Steve Simon had this dream, and he delivered on it. With the folks from Mountain Jam […]