Photo Gallery: International Blues on LRBC, Europe

Man it doesn’t get much better than this experience. Any Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise is a guaranteed all out fantastic event – bucket list kinda thing ! With so many styles of  Blues being performed almost round the clock – Acoustic, rockin’ Blues, soft harmonic styles by bands and artists from around the world. […]

Doctors of Documentation – LRBC Videos

There is an unbelievable array of talent aboard the Legendary Rhythm and Blues Cruise – one just needs to just look at the line ups to know that. But there are also special moments that occur nowhere else, the jams – both scheduled and unscheduled plus collaborations between artists who have just net on the […]

At Home With The Blues-NYC Style

It is not often that one gets to ‘go home’, and it is even less likely that one gets to go back on their own terms. I was quite fortunate to be able to accomplish this bi-fecta (hah bet ya didn’t see that coming). On March 20, 2011 Big City Blues Magazine held a celebration […]

A Conversation With Ronnie Baker Brooks

This originally appeared in ‘BackYard Blues’ the newsletter of the Long Island Blues Society, written by Suzanne Foschino.  You can find them here, and Blues411 feels it is worth sharing with it’s readers. ———————————- SF:  What’s next for you, Ronnie?  are we going to see a new recording from you anytime soon? RBB: Well, […]