Happy 3rd Birthday to Blues411

WOW, we have made it through our ‘terrible twos’ how cool is that. It is pretty amazing to me how well received Blues411 is throughout the blues framily. Some of our highlights this past year were our 17 interviews, including Anne Harris  in January and Earl Thomas in August, two fantastic artists who gave us a deep […]

Paging Thunderclap Newman – Please Report to 2012 Immediately

There’s ‘Something In The Air” do you remember that song? Musta been 1969-70, Pete Townsend had put together this band and this song was all over the alternative radio back then. I have always dug it, and it is on my mind “repeat button” usually for a week or so. If ya listen closely you […]

Interview: Trent Romens: Young Man’s Blues

I met Trent in quite an inauspicious way. While at the New Daisy theater in Memphis a young, very attractive lady was handing out postcards about an artist who I had heard of thru Blind Raccoon, I mentioned that I enjoyed his music and she said “…well tell him, this is Trent” I was totally […]

The 411 in 15: Walking in Memphis

apologies to Mark Cohn . . . . So after one day of laundry and re-grouping, it’s off to Memphis for the International Blues Challenge. With over 250 bands from around the world competing for the top slots in two categories, this event truly turns Memphis into Blues Mecca. Uneventful flights down but did enjoy […]