Photo Gallery: Blues411’s Best Photos of 2015

It’s Throwback Thursday for Blues411, well just a short throw actually.   The esteemed eyes of Blues411, Leslie K. Joseph has gone through her over 20,000 photos from the year and decided that these would be her best of the best.   “This was not an easy task,” said Leslie. “there are so many different […]

A Baker’s Dozen Of Blues, June 22, 2015

We are gearing up for the Summer Festival Season. This is such a great time of year, so many festivals to get to, so many bands to see,and so many friends to see again. Looking forward to seeing bunches of ya’s at the festivals we will be at. Be sure to check our Festival Partner […]

A Baker’s Dozen of Blues: June 8, 2015

One quick edit here: RIP Alan Joseph, Leslie’s dad, and one of the very best to come along. Thank you for allowing me to marry your first daughter, my life has been pure joy ever since. We are here in PA to celebrate his life and share the times we had together. RIP Pops. Well […]

Photo Gallery: 2013 Thru The Eyes of Blues411’s Leslie Joseph

With over 25 major festivals and shows this year, we covered a whole lot  of ground keeping the Blues thriving. Leslie shot over 18,000 photos at these and we decided to give her some space to present her very best, or at least some of her favorites from the past year. There were many more […]