Car loan with final installment – simply apply online

Car loan with final installment – small installments Car buyers are looking for a car loan with a final installment because they want to keep the burden of the current installments low. They receive an offer primarily from the car dealership. The dealer makes the financing with the final rate for new vehicles particularly tasty. […]

When does a loan bail out and when does it hurt

Many at least once in their lives find themselves in a situation where they suddenly need more money to make an important purchase, and they simply run out of wages or savings. In such cases, it is often decided to go to various financial services companies and take out a consumer loan or credit. It […]

We use this loan without collateral

Norwegians are increasingly borrowing, and consumer loans are the most frequently taken up. Economic surveys and surveys show that approx. 1 in 4 Norwegians take out a consumer loan 1 or more times during their lifetime. Consumer loans are best known as unsecured loans. Within the “consumer loan” category we find large variations. There are […]

Loan for pensioners | Loan for retirees

Even pensioners still have wishes that they cannot fulfill due to the often low pension. A loan for retirees can help here, but it is difficult to obtain. Many banks argue that the risk of death is too high. Fortunately, there are exceptions, because some credit institutions have specialized in lending to senior citizens and […]

Credit for motorcycle | How much does it cost?

  Nothing embodies the feeling of freedom better than motorcycling. But the purchase of a motorcycle is also associated with considerable costs. We will show you what options there are to finance your dream of riding a motorcycle and what things you should pay attention to. How much does a motorcycle cost? Before you buy […]

Debt car loan – quick & unbureaucratic

Debt car loan – in demand debt restructuring There are two common reasons when car owners reschedule their car loan. First, the plan to change vehicles. So that the “new” remains as cheap as possible in purchasing, the end-of-life vehicle should be sold privately. Without trade-in, on top of that financed by debt, the willingness […]