Foreign investments

Expectations of the 2021 budget in terms of foreign investments: will Modi’s government open more windows to attract FDI for “Make in India” in the 2021 budget?

Even though India suffered huge economic losses due to the foreclosure, foreign investor confidence remained high and India received the largest inflow of FDI to India ever. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has constantly tried to attract foreign investors to invest in India. Whether in the fields of pharma, manufacturing or green energy, the government’s objective […]

Corporate profits

Corporate profits hit record high in September quarter: Crisil

Corporate profits rose 15% to an all-time high in the September quarter as margins widened on lower input costs and better utilization levels, the research industry said on Monday. from the main rating agency Crisil. From an absolute standpoint, earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (Ebitda) hit a record Rs 1.60 lakh crore in […]

Corporate profits

Rise in corporate profits under the effect of wage compression, creating dangerous inequalities Nouriel Roubini

MUMBAI : The nice 25 percent increase in corporate profits in the September quarter amid a sharp contraction in GDP is explained by wage cuts, leading to increased inequality in India, economist Nouriel Roubini said on Thursday . This growing inequality is “dangerous” politically and socially because only a few people in the economy benefit […]