Corporate profits

U.S. GDP and corporate profits to soar in 2021: 5 choices

Since the start of the year, Wall Street has remained green, after an astonishing 2020, despite recent concerns about inflation and soaring long-term US sovereign bond yields. Stock markets are expected to move north, barring occasional swings supported by strong expectations for US GDP and corporate earnings growth this year. At this point, several large-cap […]

Foreign investments

Foreign investments in Lebanon for medical cannabis investors

On April 20, 2020, the Lebanese Parliament passed a law authorizing the cultivation, trade, research and use of medical cannabis. The adoption of the law by Lebanon creates an opportunity for leading medical cannabis companies around the world to enter the Lebanese market. There are six categories of license applicants, including foreign companies licensed in […]

Annual profits

Major healthcare systems bring in more than $ 1 billion in annual benefits

Many hospitals across the country suffered a financial blow from the COVID-19 pandemic, but some large healthcare systems were still profitable in 2020. The pandemic resulted in lower patient volumes and higher spending for U.S. hospitals last year, and the financial damage could continue this year. The pandemic could cost hospitals between $ 53 billion […]