Corporate profits

NDP tax on ‘excess’ corporate profits during pandemic would increase government revenues by $ 8 billion: PBO

Breadcrumb Links New Canadian Politics Canada The proposal targets companies generating more than $ 10 million in annual revenue and would double the income tax payable on all 2020 profits that exceed their annual average since 2014 Author of the article: Christophe Nardi Release date : Apr 27, 2021 • April 27, 2021 • 3 […]

Corporate profits

Biden must curb corporate profits and power to achieve historic gains

President Joe Biden’s US Jobs Plan, which is integral to his agenda to build an economy that empowers workers and families in the United States, promises unique investments in the long-neglected safeguards of our economy. Part of the package has raised the particular anger of corporate lobbyists and laissez-faire conservatives: raising the corporate tax rate […]

Foreign investments

How foreign investment in the digital ecosystem can catalyze a robust economy

Lesotho is a name that is unknown to most of us and that doesn’t ring a bell because we don’t know. It is a landlocked country within the borders of South Africa. A very small landlocked country, Lesotho is a more popular name in the United States and in European countries due to the fact […]

Corporate profits

Biden tax plan recovers $ 2 trillion in overseas corporate profits: Treasury

US President Joe Biden receives an economic briefing with Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, January 29, 2021. Kevin Lamarque | Reuters Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on Wednesday touted the Biden administration’s proposed changes to the corporate tax code and said in detail the plan would be […]