Income tax

Brook Park notifies other cities and agencies when issuing income tax refunds

BROOK PARK, Ohio — People who worked from home during the pandemic instead of their usual office in another city can apply for an income tax refund, but Brook Park wants to make sure it gets its share of any income tax due.

As of March 1 municipal Council Meet, Chief Financial Officer Greg Cingle provides an update on the situation of tax refunds.

“The first batch of work-from-home reimbursement checks have been processed,” Cingle said. “There were probably 40 or 50 checks issued. The dollar amount was just under $95,000.

Councilman Rick Salvatore asked Cingle how his department knows the refund will end up in the city it belongs to.

“For refund checks that we issue, we will alert the Regional Income Tax Agencythe Central Collection Agency (Tax Division) and any city-operated independent tax collection agency,” Cingle replied. “We will list the name of the person who received the refund and the dollar amount of the refund.

“We understand that they (i.e. other municipalities and agencies) will provide us with the same information,” he added.

For example, he said that if a Brook Park resident normally works in Strongsville, but worked from home in Brook Park and received reimbursement from RITA in Strongsville, RITA will provide that information to Brook Park “so that we can we double-check our records and see if this person has filed a case with the City of Brook Park.

“If they haven’t, we can send a notice asking for a deposit from that person,” Cingle explained. “So there will be information shared between the tax authorities.”

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