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CCP and Income Tax Workers Fight Over Parking Spaces | Goa News

Panaji: Employees of the Corporation of the City of Panaji (CCP) and employees of the income tax department have brawled in Cortin over the latter’s decision to block 12 parking spaces. The incident occurred after the Income Tax (IT) department erected signs reserving parking for 12 cars on the road and CCP workers attempted to remove the signs and bags from the road. cement used to block the locations.
The IT department booked the slots based on a notification from North Goa collector Ajit Roy, whose wife happens to be IT curator. Local councilors as well as municipal CCP officials confronted IT officials and security guards with the question of how parking spaces could be reserved without their permission. Since the problem has seen two departments clash, both sides have tried to play it down.
” There was a misunderstanding. They had apparently blocked some parking spaces on the basis of the collector’s order, ”said Mayor Rohit Monserrate.
On October 7, Roy had notified a parking space for the IT department in front of the Pundalik Niwas building in Rua de Ourem. While advising the parking space, Roy also allowed the IT commissioner to put up signs along the stretch.
CPC sources said that the council did not pass any resolutions or write to the urban development directorate to allow the reservation of parking spaces on a public road.
After the altercation and intervention by officials from the North Goa Collector, the CCP workers gave in.

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