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County of Knox considers new local income tax to subsidize ambulance service

KNOX COUNTY, Indiana (WTHI) – Knox County EMS operates all ambulance services in the county. But like many ambulance services across the country, he’s struggling to keep up during the pandemic.

Knox County Commissioner Kellie Streeter explains, “We need to make sure there is an ambulance service to provide emergency medical services to everyone in our county as well as to our hospital.”

Knox County EMS recently told commissioners the ambulance service is reaching breaking point. Now the county and city are considering subsidizing Knox County EMS.

Streeter says, “On an employee of fifty thousand dollars at one point four percent, we look at about eight to ten dollars a month.”

The commissioners and the county council draw up the plans first. Then, they will send the plan to the city of Vincennes.

Mayor Joe Yochum said, “If we have to subsidize the ambulance and this is how we have to pay for it, this is what we have to do. There have been cases recently where we have waited fifty minutes in an ambulance.

Local income tax would be divided between the city and the county. He would subsidize the ambulance service. If passed, it could also be used to help other public safety organizations in the city and county.

Yochum says, “It is very important that we come to understand and resolve something through all of this.”

Streeter says, “People have to be safe and we’re going to do it one way or another.”

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