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Evers campaign: TAX DAY: Wisconsin residents see their income tax reduced thanks to Governor Tony Evers

MADISON, Wis. – Today is tax day, and this year Wisconsinans are keeping more of their money thanks to Governor Tony Evers. During his first term, 86% of Wisconsin taxpayers receive an income tax reduction of 15% or more. Globally, 2.4 million Wisconsin taxpayers to get relief.

Last year Governor Evers signed the first bipartisan budget in more than a decade. In addition to the $3.4 billion income tax cut for Wisconsin residents, Governor Evers also passed the largest increase in general education assistance and the first increase in funding for special education in over a decade. Wisconsin small businesses are also keeping more of their hard-earned money due to half a billion dollars in small business tax cuts than Governor Evers sign into law last year.

Leaders from across the political spectrum have given Governor Evers credit for signing the state’s bipartisan budget. Conservative talk show host Jeff Wagner of 620 radio mentioned: “I thank Evers for signing this. […] He signed one of the biggest tax cuts – tax cuts – in state history. He has the merit of having signed it. […] So credit to everyone.

Despite their differences, Governor Evers strove to bring people together instead of finding ways to divide us — and his sensible budget management paid off. Under Governor Evers, our unemployment rate is one of the the lowest in the country, and the lowest in state history. Wisconsin also has a budget surplus of $3.8 billion, which the governor has proposed to use to invest in our schools and give more tax credits to working families.

“On Tax Day, Wisconsin residents are seeing relief thanks to Governor Tony Evers’ bipartisan income tax cuts,” said Tony for Wisconsin Publicist Kayla Anderson. “Governor. Evers knows families are facing rising costs, which is why he kept his promise to cut taxes for the middle class and offered to return some of the state’s budget surplus to residents. of Wisconsin. Governor Evers will continue to bring people together from both sides to do what is right for our state.