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Everything you need to know about the ITR

Although the Income Tax Return (ITR) filing deadline for AY 2022-23 has passed. But the taxpayers whose ITR needs to be audited are on October 31, 2022. Those whose ITR does not need audit are eligible for an ITR refund.

However, taxpayers who did not file their income tax return (ITR) by the July 31, 2022 deadline could still file a late return.

It should be noted that late filing can be filed with a penalty of Rs 5,000 plus interest on the website of the income tax department.

After 10 days of filing RTI, the tax department allows taxpayers to check the status of their refund.

Under sections 237 to 245 of the Income Tax Act 1961 refunds of tax may be granted where the amount of tax paid by a person (or a person on their behalf) is greater than the chargeable amount.

Taxpayers awaiting their ITR return have the option to check the refund status online through the official portal of the Income Tax Department – or the National Securities Depository e-Governance website Limited (NSDL),

The Income Tax Return (ITR) is a form used to report your income and taxes, report net tax payable and report gross taxable income during a fiscal year to the Income Tax Department of the India.

For every Indian individual, it is mandatory to pay tax on his taxable income every fiscal year.

In accordance with the income tax rules, it is stipulated that in case of excess tax paid or not under the taxable income bracket, a person is entitled to receive a refund of income tax from the Indian Income Tax Department.

However, filing an ITR after the due date may incur a penalty of Rs 5,000 for those with an annual income above Rs 5 lakh if ​​they file their ITR before 31st December of the assessment year .

Here’s how you check your RTI status when filing electronic tax returns online:

  1. Visit the e-fill website and log in to eportal. using your username and password.
  2. Now go to My Account and tap Refund/claim status.
  3. Select Tax Returns from the drop-down menu and click the Submit option.
  4. Once you have selected the send option, click on your acknowledgment number.
  5. A new webpage displaying your return details and the status of your income tax refund will appear.

How to check your ITR status online by PAN number/card?

Taxpayers who have filed tax returns can also check their ITR refund status online using their PAN card.

First, the taxpayer should visit the NSDL website:

Now follow the step-by-step guide on how to check ITR refund status online by PAN card:

1]Connect to NSDL direct link —;

2]Now type in your PAN number;

3]Choose Assessment Year (AY) 2022-23

4]Tap on the “Submit” option.

Your ITR refund status will be displayed.

What are the different types of ITR refund status?

Treaty: This status appears when the return is successfully processed.

Submitted and awaiting verification/e-verification: This status appears when you have filed an ITR but have not electronically verified it, or your fully signed ITR-V has not yet arrived at CPC.

e-verified/successfully verified: This status on the website means that the taxpayer has e-verified but that the processing of the RTI is pending.

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