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FBR plans to extend tax filing deadline: sources

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  • FBR is considering extending the deadline to 15 days.
  • Finance Minister Shaukat Tarin will make the final decision.
  • Extension to be given to declarants facing technical problems as well.

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) is considering extending the income tax filing deadline, sources said Thursday, as requests to move the deadline forward increased.

Sources said the tax collection agency has received requests to extend the deadline for filing tax returns, and now the RBF is considering moving the date to 15 days.

Federal Finance Minister Shaukat Tarin will make a final decision in this regard, while those seeking an extension will have to file an application today, sources said.

FBR officials have asked relevant commissioners to cooperate with the reporters, sources said. “People who want 15-day relief will need to either file an application or apply online.”

The sources added that except for hardships, those facing technical issues will also benefit from an extension of the deadline.

FBR will not extend the deadline for income tax filers

The FBR said on Wednesday that it would not extend the deadline for people wishing to file their tax return.

The tax collection agency, in a notification, said the relevant commissioners may extend the date for certain people who submit a written request requesting an extension of time under the provisions of Section 119 (1) of the income tax ordinance.

Those facing difficulties may be granted a 15-day extension, the tax collection body said, adding that the filing date for businesses would not be extended.

Businessmen have urged the tax collection agency to extend the filing date by two months to make it easier for the business community, according to a report in The News today.

Pakistan Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) chairman Mian Nasser Hyatt Maggo asked the RBF to extend the deadline, saying he would support the government’s desire to broaden the tax base.

Referring to the September 30 deadline, he said the recommendation was based on feedback received from companies across Pakistan.

Extended working hours

A day earlier, the RBF had announced an extension of the working hours of its offices to facilitate income tax filers.

According to a statement from the tax administration, the relevant offices will remain open until midnight on September 29 (Wednesday) and September 30 (Thursday).

The FBR online portal for those who wish to file their returns online has encountered errors in its server, causing immense difficulties for people.

The Pakistan Tax Bar Association had also requested an extension of the deadline for filing income tax returns.

Last week, in response to reports of an alleged extension of the date, RBF spokesperson Asad Tahir categorically denied that this was the case, saying no proposal in this regard had been considered at the meeting. headquarters of the FBR.

In an informal conversation with reporters, Tahir said: “So far 0.8 million people have filed their statements.”

He added that no strict action will be taken against merchants, but said that after 15 days, show cause notices will be issued to merchants who do not have point-of-sale (PoS) systems installed.

“Failure to install PoS will result in a fine of Rs 500,000 after 15 days,” the spokesperson said, adding that if traders apply PoS within 15 days, the fine will be waived.

Tahir added that failure to install PoS after one month will result in a fine worth Rs3 million. “Closing down businesses will be the last resort,” he added.

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