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Filing of income tax returns crosses 2 crore mark in October, reports CBDT

Over 2 crore in tax returns have been filed to date for the 2020-21 fiscal year. According to a statement released by the Income Tax Department on Thursday, the Income Tax Department’s new e-filing portal has received more than 2 crore in income tax returns, as registered on October 13, 2021. In at the same time, the performance of the portal has also stabilized. substantially.

“All tax returns have been made available for electronic filing. More than 2 crore of RTI for AY 2021-22 has been deposited on the portal, of which RTI 1 and 4 constitute 86%. It is encouraging to note that over 1.70 crore returns have been e-verified, of which 1.49 crore is via OTP based in Aadhaar. The electronic verification process through Aadhaar OTP and other methods is important for the department to begin processing the ITR and to issue refunds, if applicable, ”the statement read.

Further urging taxpayers to file their IT returns for fiscal year 2021, the CBDT also said that all submitted RTIs have been made available for electronic filing.

Providing more details on other updates, the CBDT informed that over 15.72 lakh of statutory forms have been submitted, which include multiple TDS declarations, Form 10A for the registration of trusts and institutions, the Form 10E for salary areas, Form 35 for appeal filing. and the DTVSV 4 form. Apart from this, more than 21.40 lakh ePAN was also allocated free of charge, followed by the activation of electronic procedures and anonymous procedures for evaluation and request for adjournments or nominations and deposits.

The new electronic filing portal of the Directorate of Income Taxes

The new e-filing portal that was launched on June 7, 2021 initially experienced several issues and operational difficulties. However, the technical issues have now been resolved and the portal’s performance has stabilized, the income tax department informed.

Meanwhile, more than 13.44 crore of taxpayers logged in through October 13, 2021, and around 54.70 taxpayers used the “forgot password” feature to get their passwords.

Earlier on Wednesday, Infosys CEO Salil Parekh informed that the new IT department e-filing portal for ITR is now making steady progress and taxpayer issues are being resolved.

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