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Foreign investment in Egyptian treasury bills increases to $ 22.866 billion in June 2021: CBE

The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) revealed that foreigners’ investments in Egyptian treasury bills (treasury bills) reached $ 22.866 billion (or EGP 359.6 billion) in June 2021, up from around 22 , $ 25 billion (EGP 349.9 billion) in May 2021, an increase of $ 616 million.

According to a recent CBE report, total outstanding treasury bill balances stood at around EGP 1.588 billion in June, up from EGP 1.554 billion in May.

The CBE explained that public sector banks ‘investments in treasury bills reached EGP 262.057 billion in June, up from EGP 252.291 billion in May, while private sector banks’ investments amounted to around 350,546 billion EGP, compared to 344.790 billion EGP in the comparison. period.

The CBE report found that investments by banks specializing in treasury bills increased to around EGP 32.948 billion in June, from EGP 30.468 billion in May, while investments by branches of foreign banks rose to around EGP 32.948 billion amounted to EGP 46.022 billion compared to EGP 46.801 billion.

At the same time, the CBE revealed that the net foreign assets of the banking system increased by the equivalent of EGP 125.8 billion during the period from July 2020 to May 2021, reaching the equivalent of around 247.966. billion EGP.

He specified, in his monthly report, that this increase resulted from the increase in net foreign assets in banks, equivalent to 60.3 billion EGP and net foreign assets at the Central Bank, equivalent to 65.5 billion EGP.

The Central Bank reported an increase in net domestic assets, over the same period, of EGP 592.7 billion or 13.4%, due to an increase in domestic credit of EGP 448.4 billion at a rate of 9.3%, and a decrease in the balance of net budget items of EGP 144.3 billion at a rate of 33.5%.

He explained that domestic credit increased due to an increase in net liabilities of the private enterprise sector of EGP 159.5 billion, of the household sector of EGP 97.7 billion and of the government of 196, 6 billion EGP. And in turn, public sector corporate commitments fell by EGP 5.4 billion.

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