Foreign investments

Ghana ready for more foreign investment in agriculture sector – Dept. Agric Minister

Deputy Agriculture Minister Mohammed Hardi Tuferu urges foreign investors to take advantage of Ghana’s conducive business environment and invest in the country’s agricultural sector.

He says the country is ready for business and the government hopes to raise US $ 3 billion this year in foreign direct investment, half of which is in the manufacturing and agribusiness sectors.

“We are appealing to investors to take advantage of the opportunities that abound in the agricultural sector. Ghanaian agriculture has small farmers and there is enormous potential for commercial agriculture, ”the deputy minister said.

“Ghana has one of the best investor-friendly climates which should be exploited by the business community for the mutual benefit of our citizens and investors,” he added.

The Deputy Minister was speaking at the fourth edition of the Agribusiness Deal Room as part of the Green Revolution Alliance Forum (AGRF) currently underway in Nairobi, Kenya.

The forum brought together a critical range of stakeholders from across Africa, including government officials, private sector actors, development and nonprofit partners, academics, among others, to discuss how to make Africa safer food.

The Agribusiness Deal Room is a networking platform at AGRF’s annual summit that brings together different stakeholders to facilitate partnerships and investments in African agriculture.

The Deal Room specifically supports governments and businesses by giving them access to funding and partnership opportunities. The theme of the session was “Investing in Ghana’s Agribusiness Sector”.

Mr. Tuferu said the government is committed to making a meaningful contribution to the Ghana Beyond Agenda by opening up the country to investors. He says the efforts are paying off, with Ghana being the largest recipient of FDI investments in West Africa, but there is still a long way to go.

Mr. Tuferu said the Plant for Food and Jobs program and One-District-One Factory initiative are government projects with substantial private sector involvement to ensure success.

He said the creation of the Tree Crop Development Authority will also help enable more investment in tree crops beyond cocoa.

“Ghana is revitalizing and transforming the agricultural sector, while attracting educated youth to the agricultural sector. Substituting food imports is a priority… Rice growing and processing opportunities are available, as well as the processing of fruit juices, ”he revealed. He said that the poultry sector also offers many exceptional investment opportunities.

Jeremy Agyemang, head of the agro-food unit at the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, told the session that there are many opportunities for tax incentives for private sector actors that they can take advantage of. when they come to invest in Ghana.

Duffie Addo, who is COO at Ghana Investment Promotion Center, said Ghana is a thriving place to do business that will give investors value for their investments.