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How much income will you have to pay income tax on in 2022

Employees in a dependent relationship will start paying from January 1 on IWage income tax of $ 225,936.97 gross per month, according to private estimates based on the increase in the average taxable remuneration of stable workers (RIPTE) corresponding to the month of October published by the Ministry of Labor.

The increase in the amount from which the tax will be taxed is less than the change in annual inflation, which in practice implies that more workers will pay while those already affected will climb the ladder faster.

“If we take into account the fact that the variation of the interannual inflation in October 2021 was 52.1%We see that the taxpayers will be harmed because the value adjustment to be made in the income tax will be for a lower percentage ”, explained Sebastián Domínguez, of the SDC Asesores Tributarios.

The specialist estimated that “in an inflationary environment such as the current one, the updating of values ​​should be carried out on a half-yearly basis due to the variation in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) of the immediately preceding half-year. “

Always the Federal Administration of Public Revenue (AFIP) has not published the resolution which will establish the new values ​​and scales of the tax.

This year, at the instigation of the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Sergio Massa, an increase in the so-called “special deduction” was introduced for employees in a dependent relationship, so that it is paid from $ 150,000 gross. Following the loss at PASO, an adjustment was made and the scale was increased to $ 175,000 from September to December 2021.

On the other hand, between $ 226,937 and $ 260,580, taxpayers will pay a lower amount, thus avoiding a sharp jump in tax rates, because the improvement introduced by the Massa project is not in itself an increase in the minimum. taxable, but rather an increase in tax rates. improved deductions.

* Written by Carlos Lamiral, NA.

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