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Income Tax: Should I Advertise for a Maternal Health Fund? – 05/10/2022

I pay for my mother’s health insurance. The invoice is in my name. Can I deduct these expenses? (NBC)

As an insured person, you cannot deduct amounts related to your mother if you declare it separately. Your mother can be considered a dependent if, in 2021, she has an income, taxable or not, of R$22,847.76. If your mother chooses to file it separately, she will be able to deduct health insurance costs for her part. Thus, until the declaration is made separately, everyone can declare in their declaration the share in the HMO that suits them, depending on the proof provided by the operator.

My health plan is linked to my parents’ plan (I no longer rely on it and declare it separately). In the plan report, the expenses are detailed with each beneficiary. Can I report these expenses on my IR? (RPP)

As a health insurance plan holder, your relative cannot deduct amounts related to your share, as you show separately. You can only deduct your share of the health plan, as detailed in the income statement provided by the operator.

The source: BIO . Consultant

Delivery time Income tax The year 2022 ends on May 31 at 11:59 p.m. A total of 34.1 million permits are expected. Anyone who is obliged to announce the delay and the lack pays a fine of at least R$165.74, which can go up to 20% of the tax due in the year.

For those who have taxes to pay, the individual quota or the first payment expires on May 31. It is possible to pay the IR in installments of up to eight times.

Check out the payment schedule for 2022:

quota due date
the first one May 31st
The second 30 / jeans
the third July 29
the fourth August 31
Fifth 30 / September
VII October 31
seventh November / 30
VII December 29

Who should announce the GO program in 2022:

  • Workers, retirees and employees with taxable income over R$28,559.70 in 2021
  • which were exempt, non-taxable or exclusively taxable from source income above R$40,000 in 2021, which includes FGTS (Fundo de Garantia do Tempo de Serviço) and unemployment insurance, for example
  • Those who had assets and rights of more than 300,000 Brazilian riyals as of 12/31/2021
  • The taxpayer who carried out a stock market transaction in 2021
  • Who moved to Brazil and was here on 12/31/2021
  • A taxpayer who elected to exempt income tax on the capital gain (gain) from the sale of residential property whose value was applied to the purchase of another property in the state, within 180 days following the sale
  • Whose total income from rural activities is greater than BRL 142,798.50 or wants to compensate for losses in this area