Foreign investments

Minister Bahlil announces total foreign investment in Q2

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta The Ministry of Investments revealed that foreigners investments in West Java outperformed the capital Jakarta, the former managing to register US$2.9 billion in foreign investment (FDI) compared to the latter which registered US$2.1 billion.

Minister Bahlil Lahadalia on Wednesday, July 20, said, “The increase in investment realization during the second quarter of 2022 was 7.0%. This corresponds to the national economic growth which, according to a number of economic observers, will exceed 5%”.

LDCs in the second quarter amounted to Rp 163.2 trillion, or 54% of the total investment realization. This figure increased by 32.0% compared to the same period in 2021. Meanwhile, in the first half or the period January-June, it reached Rp 310.4 trillion or 53.1%. On a yearly or annual basis, this number has increased by 35.8%.

Meanwhile, the realization of overall investment including domestic investment (PMDN) in the second quarter reached Rs 302.2 trillion, an increase of 7.0% over the previous period. Cumulatively, the investment realization data in the first half reached Rs 584.6 trillion.

The location of most FDI investments is Central Sulawesi which has become the region with the highest number of foreign investments with a value reaching US$3.4 billion. The next position is followed by West Java and Jakarta. Next come North Maluku with an investment of 2 billion USD and Banten with 1.6 billion USD.

Singapore is statistically the country with the highest investment in Indonesia in the second quarter, reaching USD 3.1 billion or 27.7%, followed by China which contributed USD 2.3 billion or (20%). Then, the value of Hong Kong China’s investment contribution amounts to 1.4 billion USD (11.9%). The investment value of Japan is USD 0.9 billion (8.1%) and of the United States USD 0.8 billion (6.8%).

Meanwhile, making investments outside of Java is more important than in Java. Outside of Java, investments reached Rp 157.1 trillion or 52%. This number has increased by 38% year over year. Meanwhile, the total capital income in Java is Rp. 145.1 trillion. This year-over-year figure also increased by 32.9%.

According to Minister Bahlil, there were 320,534 workers absorbed in the second quarter investments, which compared to the previous term absorbed 319,013 workers.

According to him, the investment sector that attracted the most investors in the second quarter was basic metals, metal products, industries other than machinery and equipment. In this sector, the investment value reached 48.2 trillion rupees, or 15.9% of the total investment. Next is the mining industry sector worth Rs 33 trillion or 10.9%.

Investments in the housing, industrial and office sectors are valued at Rs 26.7 trillion (8.8%). In the transport, warehouse and telecommunications sectors, investments reached Rp 25.6 trillion (8.5%) and are followed by the food sector which contributed 7.4% of investments or Rp 22.4 trillion. .


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