Foreign investments

Pres Ali pitches for foreign investment in the Caribbean

Guyanese President Dr. Mohammed Irfaan Ali told international investors that the Caribbean region is a stable platform with all the components of a modern and emerging economy.

Once you have the capital, the foresight, the access to technology, the Caribbean region is a destination you should consider. It is a destination that offers you the opportunity to build a complex and multifaceted investment platform. And it is a region that seeks to be self-sufficient in many areas,” Ali told the Caribbean Investment Forum (CIF2022).

The forum is organized by the Barbados-based Caribbean Export Development Agency, in association with the Caribbean Association of Investment Promotion Agencies (CAIPA).

Ali spoke at the forum about the region’s economic potential and opportunities in environmental services, blue economy, agriculture, infrastructure, tourism and other areas of potential and projected growth.

He said that although the region’s population is small, the market access it provides through its booming tourism industry allows investment to flourish.

He added that the Caribbean is not just a zone of peace but an “exclusive zone of tolerance and inclusion”, based on resilience and diversity and that its location and direct access to South America, Central and North make it a dream for investors. .

“In almost every one of these areas, we have specific investment agreements and trade agreements that will give you a distinct advantage in pursuing your business interests,” Ali said, adding that “a complete rebuild of our logistics and transport” is a priority for the region.

“We could create all the goods, but if you can’t afford to move the goods and services, then you have a serious problem”

Regarding Guyana, Ali told the forum that his administration was in discussions with the UAE on the development of a logistics hub, while Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley will be in the UAE to work on a project called “Sea Bridge”.

He said these projects will move people, goods and services across the region, assuring delegates that every country in the Caribbean is “committed to providing an incentive mechanism to support this model of logistics and transportation.”

“Unless we solve this problem, in terms of logistics and transportation, we will not be able to capture the results that we want to capture. So that, in itself, presents an opportunity, a major opportunity for investors,” Ali said, adding that every country in the region is engaged in a momentum of infrastructure transformation.

“We are now talking about building a bridge between Guyana and Suriname. Suriname seeks to build a bridge between Suriname and French Guiana. We are looking to build an infrastructure that will support development within the region,” he said, adding “so there is an opportunity, and that is why today, as leaders in the region , we are more outward-looking”.