Corporate profits

Corporate profits take permanent vacation in Cayman Islands and Bermuda: the two-way: NPR

George Town in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, is home to many international banks and offshore companies. New study shows the Caymans have $ 46 billion in multinational corporate profits, far more than their own $ 3 billion economy. David Rogers / Getty Images hide caption toggle legend David Rogers / Getty Images George Town in […]

Corporate profits

If corporate profits are increasing, then why are corporate tax revenues decreasing?

Apparently this is one of the great scandals of our time. The way corporate profits are soaring ever higher and yet corporate tax revenues are falling to increasingly low levels as a percentage of both GDP and total tax revenues. Obviously, this has been some change in the war between the plutocrats and the people […]

Corporate profits

The Myth of Corporate Profits

Where’s the proof of the r > g crowd’s favorite talking point? HAre rising corporate profits coming at the expense of the American worker? Venture capitalist and billionaire Nick Hanauer seems to think so. As he puts it, “Corporate profits are at their highest in 50 years while unemployment is also at their highest in […]

Corporate profits

Corporate income and taxes – Center for American Progress

As middle-class and low-income Americans struggle to get by, corporate profits skyrocket. In 2013, after-tax corporate profits consumes a record 11.2 percent of total national income. Between 1946 and 2010, after-tax corporate profits consistently remained below 10% of national income, but 2013 was the fourth year in a row that corporate profits exceeded 10% of […]

Corporate profits

If corporate profits are at an all-time high, why are corporate taxes near their 60-year low?

Apple is a unique company in many ways, but when it comes to the cavernous difference between its historically high profits and relatively low corporate tax rate, the company is no exception. It is a microcosm. In fact, corporate profits have been rising as a share of the economy since the early 1980s…just as the […]

Foreign investments

A tax dilemma: foreign investments and your retirement account

Question: Someone told me that every year I pay taxes on dividends from foreign equity funds held in my IRA. If I’m not supposed to pay tax on dividend payments in my IRA, how can that be? Reply: To understand why you can pay taxes on foreign dividends held in your IRA (and your 401 […]

Corporate profits

Corporate Excess Profits | Company Applicant

If you were president of a company that has $98 billion (about 4.2 trillion pesos) in cash and securities, what would you recommend your board do with that wealth? Declare a big cash dividend for shareholders? Give employees a bonus equivalent to one year’s salary? Repurchase the company’s shares to increase the value of its […]