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The North Carolina Department of Revenue is ready for your 2021 tax return

RALEIGH, NC (WGHP) – North Carolina tax preparers, start your returns.

Delayed due to state budget adjustments that changed income tax rates, the North Carolina Department of Revenue declared itself open for business beginning Tuesday to accept tax returns of State.

NCDOR employees have completed updating rules and records, documents and systems and have started accepting returns for 2021,

Earlier, the ministry said it was late because there were so many changes in the tax code. These required not only changes to systems, but also testing to ensure that the various tax reporting platforms were working properly.

The NCDOR encourages taxpayers to file electronically, if possible, and the release announcing the tax season said those who did would receive an acknowledgment.

The IRS reported that in 2001, about 195.2 million returns and other forms were filed electronically, about 81.3% of all returns and almost 6% more than in 2020.

There were no immediate numbers from NCDOR on how many people in North Carolina are working electronically, whether through a tax department, accountant, or individually.

Some eligible taxpayers can submit electronic returns for free on using NCfreefile. Eligibility requirements for NCfreefile are available at:

NCDOR publishes step step-by-step advice on how to file electronically and provides contacts and other resources to help alleviate any issues that may arise.

There have been some delays in filing deadlines over the past two years due to COVID-19, but tax returns are due this year on April 15, the federal deadline.

However, the NCDOR statement says that due to Emancipation Day, a new federal holiday celebrated on April 16, any returns filed by April 18 will be considered timely and not subject to penalties.

Even if you file today, however, don’t expect your refund until April. You can check the progress of this process on