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Top 4 Apps That Help You Save Income Tax (2022)

Those of you who are in the nation’s tax filing class know how tedious and tedious the whole tax filing process is. But the real struggle is finding various ways and means and understanding different financial policies so you can save a few dollars on income tax. Today there are millions of apps available on the Google Play Store. So how not to have one to manage your budget and your taxes? We’ve picked out the top 4 apps for you that can help you save income tax in 2022. These apps make the whole process of financial planning, investing, and tax filing super easy.

Fund manager expenses and budget

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First on our list of top 4 apps that help you save income tax is the Money Manager spending and budgeting app for Android. It helps you with financial planning and review, expense tracking, and personal asset management, all through a single platform. It simplifies the management of your personal or professional finances by recording your transactions, generating expense reports and offering a budget planner. You can view your assets on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. It even provides you with credit or debit card management services and enables efficient transfer of assets.

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Download Money Manager.

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Tax return by TaxBuddy

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Tax return by TaxBuddy

TaxBuddy is a tax filing app that covers all your tax requirements. It is aimed at all individuals, including salaried professionals, businessmen and SMEs. The GST and Income Tax Return (RTI) filing services provided by the platform are supposed to be guided by Chartered Accountants. It provides end-to-end tax advisory services and even provides live expert tax advice whenever needed. The platform offers AI-powered tax planning services and guarantees tax savings of up to 26%.

Download TaxBuddy.

Black by ClearTax

Black By ClearTax - Top 4 Income Tax Saving Apps 2022

Next on our list of the top 4 apps that help you save income tax in 2022 is the Black app from ClearTax. It serves the dual purpose of making financial investments in the form of mutual funds as well as filing income tax returns (ITRs). It offers various tax-saving investment options like ELSS mutual funds that help you save income tax. You can get tax savings recommendations and detailed information on each mutual fund plan to make an informed investment decision.

Download ClearTax Black.

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MyTax: India Tax Calculator 2022

MyTax-India 2022

Our final recommendation for the best tax saving apps to use in 2022 is MyTax. It is one of the top rated tax apps on the play store and gives you an easy to use interface for efficient tax calculation and planning. It highlights the old and new tax system so that a user can understand income tax calculation and tax saving opportunities, and choose the one that suits him best.

Download MyTax.

So those were our top picks for the 4 best income tax saving apps you can use in 2022. We’d love to hear about your experience with these apps. We’d also love to get more recommendations from you, for apps that help save income tax. Write to us in the comments section below.

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